The X Factor UK

Sneak Peek Into This Weekend’s ‘The X Factor UK’ Premiere

The new season of The X Factor UK is hitting British TV screens this Saturday and will be available on AXS here in the States on Sunday. Nicole, Simon, Sharon, and Louis are back to find the best performers in the sceptered isle. In this video we get a peek at one of the contestants. One things for sure: Nicole was all about them.

The premiere episode of The X Factor UK will consist of different acts auditioning for the judges. I imagine it’s pretty nerve wracking. After a hella long process you find yourself in the presence of the ones who will decide your future. That’s got to intimidate you. After all, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell are very scary people. A guy group named Rak-Su took it all in stride and gave a fun performance in this sneak peek. They sang an original song that the judges seem to dig, no one more so than Nicole. She was dancing and singing a long the whole time. Nicole seemed to take a shine to them and was fairly flirty. Then again, isn’t she flirty most of the time?

We’ll see on Saturday if Rak-Su made it to the next round. If Nicole has anything to say about it these guys will go far.