The X Factor UK

‘X Factor UK’ Leak Of An…Interesting Audition

The judges see a lot of people on The X Factor UK before they get to the select few that will grace the live show stage. Some of them are excellent, some are good but not good enough, and others make you want to stab yourself in the thigh with a fork. Watching this leaked footage of an audition by Jordan Rabjohn and his tight white jeans made me want to do the latter.

Song choice is everything. That’s what we’ve heard producers on these talent competitions say time and time again. If you pick a song that the judges have heard a million times and are tired of being subjected to or the song is super cheesy, you are not going to go through to the next round. Aspiring singer Jordan Rabjohn got in front of the judges and picked a weird song about going on vacation to Mexico. The song is called…wait for it…Mexico. He also brought along some maraca eggs and gave them to Simon and Alesha. Simon looked like he wanted to die shaking that maraca egg.

Sharon could not wait for the song to end and even though the video above is only 1:57 seconds long it feels like so much longer. Look, the guy’s got a great voice but that song is just…awful. I am pretty sure he is not moving on.