SHOCKING! ‘X Factor Celebrity’ Judges BREAK Their Own Rules?

Pablo Urdiales Antelo | Talent Recap

Last night’s show saw contestants forgetting lyrics, judges breaking the rules and unexpected eliminations! Here’s the round up of all the best moments from the latest ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ live show.

Which acts got this week’s safe seat?

Now this week saw some unusual acts get a first class ticket to next weeks live show… (be prepared!) First to get a safe seat was Simon’s group ‘No Love Lost’ – they performed an eccentric cover of ‘Would I Lie To You’. We’re totally on board with Simon’s decision, looks like the UK agrees too as the performance reached #11 on YouTube trending. Way to go!

The second to get a safe seat was Kevin McHale who sang ‘Dance Monkey’. It was definitely a vibrant performance and we’re sure Simon’s son, Eric agrees after Cowell admitted it was Eric’s favourite record. He’s got good taste!

And finally, a shocker of a safe seat from Nicole surprised us all! Rugby boy band ‘Try Star’ got the last seat after an emotional performance of ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’. Now you’re probably thinking what we’re thinking… Isn’t ‘Try Star’ one of Simon’s acts? Yes you heard it, Cowell managed to persuade Nicole to push her safe seat buzzer for HIS group!

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Martin Bashir forgot the words during his performance

Martin Bahir, news broadcaster and part time… singer? We’re not so sure just yet after Martin delivered a disappointing performance, forgetting the words. Poor Martin – he felt so bad he apologised mid-song. Once again, Martin found himself in the bottom three acts but made it through after Simon refused to vote between Jonny and Martin. It went to deadlock which sparked huge outrage on Twitter, once again!

Second spin off show ‘X Factor: All Stars’ will see all new judges?

It’s possible that Simon Cowell may be axing both Paula and Louis for the new spin off show with all new judges hired. Auditions for the upcoming show will be filmed at Sony Music in London and the live finals in Birmingham. Speaking recently, Simon addressed the fact that X Factor may be axed next year. He dismissed the rumours and stated that the possibility of ‘All Stars’ and ‘Celebrity’ returning in 2020 is high and that we may even see another third show!

Are you excited about all new show ‘All Stars’ coming soon this month? Let us know!


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

Pablo Urdiales Antelo is a writer at Talent Recap, covering 'Got Talent', 'The X Factor', and other worldwide talent shows. Occasionally writing pop culture content, he's quick to form opinions on celebrity controversies and political revelations. He lives in London, United Kingdom.

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