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RuPaul Spills the Tea on Her Fav Fashion Moments Ahead of ‘All Stars’ Premiere

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 fashionRuPaul's Drag Race/Youtube

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Season after season Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestants serve looks that leave us slayed. Some of the most fabulous fashion on the show however, is dished by RuPaul herself. Since 1992, RuPaul has collaborated with Filipino-American fashion designer Zaldy Goco (commonly known as “Zaldy”) in creating some of the most stunning runway ensembles on television. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 was no less iconic. Here are some of the top fashion picks of the season selected by RuPaul herself.  


1. Candy Apple Red Cut Out Dress

This iconic red moment was featured as the promo photo for Drag Race Down Under. The glistening, almost liquid appearance of the gown sparkled under the runway, making it even more show-stopping. The main focus of the look is a deep under bust cut out in the center of RuPaul’s chest.

Any hardcore fans of the show know that RuPaul is all about proportions baby! She emphasizes the concept to the girls on the show frequently. She also says this is one of her favorite parts of the dress.

“Me, you know I always like to have my neck unobscured, I like to have the length there so that my long legs proportionally sort of evens itself out”, RuPaul told fans in a video.

The cut outs embedded into the gown were designed to accentuate the already statuesque 6’4″ icon. “Zaldy” likes to make the dresses longer so that it leaves even more room to elongate the body. Paired with super high stilettos and a wig tall enough to reach the heavens, you have all the elements for a runway masterpiece. 

2. The Gunmetal Dress  

This metallic showstopper features a double slit and a statement belt around the waist. With the focal point of any RuPaul fashion being her legs, she loves how the attention to the belt really sets the dress off. The ensemble emulates a Goddess-like silhouette that enhances each stride down the catwalk.

“You can never wear the same dress twice,” RuPaul quoted the rule set forth by the iconic Cher in the video. While they say that there are no rules in fashion, she says the looks (including the gunmetal dress) exceed the “statute of limitations.” Meaning after ten years, it would be acceptable to wear the outfit again in another context.

“Because our show is shown all over the world, I end up wearing that same dress on tape forever and ever and ever,” RuPaul shared. 

3. The Teal Power Jacket

One of RuPaul’s favorite looks from Season 13 is the teal/turquoise power jacket. It takes inspiration from the film “Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead.” This bold color concept paired with super exaggerated shoulder pads takes a drag spin on iconic 80’s fashion.

“Now when you are a man and you already have shoulders, if you want to make a blazer type jacket work on a man’s body, you have to make the shoulder pads super exaggerated, and that’s exactly what Zaldy did,” she said.

The 80’s power look is different from any other look RuPaul has presented on the runway through the years. The blazer dress was paired with a clutch that was sent by British fashion designer John Galliano. The designer sent the gift over as a fan of the show. At the time, he was unaware that the piece would be featured on the Season 13 runway. 

The fashion is served each and every year and has yet to disappoint. With so many iconic fashion moments, we can’t wait to see what looks are served when All Stars premieres Friday on Paramount+.

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