Remembering Tyra Banks as ‘America’s Got Talent’ Host

Jill O'Rourke
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Tyra Banks on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhotos by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Before she was the polarizing host of Dancing with the Stars, Tyra Banks hosted two seasons of America’s Got Talent in 2017 and 2018. The supermodel was part of some pretty memorable moments during Seasons 12 and 13, so let’s look back at the highlights.

Tyra Banks’ Best Moments as ‘America’s Got Talent’ Host

1. She Always Made an Entrance

Banks got her start as a model, and she hosted America’s Next Top Model for many years, so she knows how to make a fabulous entrance. The host entered each show with a runway-worthy walk, showing off some seriously glamorous outfits. It makes us wish we could have seen a walk-off between her and judge Heidi Klum, since they both modeled for Victoria’s Secret.

2. She Participated in the Acts

Banks didn’t just introduce acts and announce results. She also sometimes got involved in the acts herself. One of the most memorable examples came during Season 13, when quick-change duo Sixto and Lucia (a former couple who broke up prior to their audition) performed a magical routine. At the end, Banks stepped out and was disguised by a cloud of fog before emerging in a new outfit.

3. She Wasn’t Afraid to Get Silly

Sometimes, Banks’ involvement in the acts was downright hilarious. Take, for example, the group Human Fountains from Season 13. Three of the judges loved the act (which involved spitting water into each other’s mouths), but Simon Cowell hated it. After he was booed by the audience, he walked off set. That’s when Banks emerged to lighten the mood by spitting a stream of water into a group member’s mouth.


4. She Had a Funny Rapport with Simon Cowell

Banks had some funny moments with judge Simon Cowell, including in Season 13 when he set her up on a series of terrible blind dates. Cowell spoke into the dates’ ears to tell them what to say, and he seemed to show a weird fascination with Banks’ feet. The host poked fun at him on stage, taking off her shoe to show him her foot and saying, “Is this your secret?”

5. She Picked Two Great Golden Buzzers

Say what you will about Tyra Banks’ hosting style, but she picked two fantastic Golden Buzzer acts during her time on the show. In Season 12, she hit it for light-up dance group Light Balance. In Season 13, she hit it for acrobatic group Zurcaroh. What made them such great choices was that they weren’t the predictable singers with emotional backstories who always receive the honor. They were just extremely talented, unique acts.

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