Ranking the Top 10 Divas From the Talent Shows We Love

Justin Jenkins
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Like Beyonce said: “A Diva is a Female Version of a Hustler.” So when we name our Top 10 divas from the talent shows we love, it is the ultimate compliment. This list is meant to celebrate and showcase the ultimate essence of our favorite talent show divas! 

10. Paula Abdul 

We cannot talk about our favorite diva’s from the talent shows we love without talking about the OG Paula Abdul. Before Abdul served as the only woman judge on the juggernaut seasons of the original American Idol, she was a chart topping hit maker. Paula’s Forever Your Girl album is one of the most successful album eras ever by a female artist. Billboard ranked it the 10th most successful album of all time by a female artist. It was the first female debut album to score four #1 song. Of course Paula had to make the list. She was the choreographer behind Janet Jackson’s early success. 

9. Vanessa Williams

No one else on the list made such an impact that a huge organization issued an apology for a scandal that happened 32 years prior. After becoming the first Black Miss America, Williams resigned because of a scandal that had rocked the news cycle. Not to be defeated, Williams turned what would have made many run and hide, into a 3 decade long career. Albums, movies, broadway, our pageant diva has done it all! Now she is sitting comfortably on Queen of the Universe.

8. Ariana Grande 

The Pop Princess recently wrapped up her first season as a coach on The Voice. The Young Diva brought emotion this season. Seriously, she cried 7 times. Although none of her team made it to the finale, Ariana still has huge plans. There’s talk of her being nominated for an Oscar, for her original song “Just Look UP” in the new Netflix comedy, Don’t Look Up, and she is also playing the iconic role of Glinda in the upcoming film adaptation of Wicked.

7. Gwen Stefani

Our 90’s Pop Rock diva. Gwen Stefani came onto The Voice and found love. When she first went solo, you could not turn on MTV without hearing her music. She ain’t no hollaback girl indeed! In 2021 Stefani reintroduced us to who she was with new music and a sold out Las Vegas Residency. She recently married Blake Shelton in a lavish ceremony.

6. Christina Aguilera

Put some respect on Christina Aguilera’s name. The 90s and early 2000’s IT girl took the music industry by storm. She shedded her innocent girl image with her hit album Stripped. Since then Aguilera has been doing her music her way! She was one of the first judges on The Voice and brought along her sass. Recently she was the first person to receive The People’s Music Icon award at this year’s 2021 People’s choice award. Christina is working on new music that embraces her Latin roots.


5. Britney Spears 

I have to do it….. IT’S BRITNEY BITCH! Yes, Britney Spears once served as a judge on the U.S version of the X factor. Our forever Pop princess showed the strength of a diva during her 13 years battle to reclaim her life… and now Britney is FREE!! We could not have a list without the dancing queen. We all know Britney could entertain with the best of them! Now that she has her life back, I am sure it will be some time before we hear if she wants to make any new music… but in the meantime…grab a partner and put it down.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Our Bronx Diva, Jennifer Lopez is a style icon and dancing machine. Her hit records have sold millions and she looks amazing while dominating the industry. Lopez helped refresh American Idol and recently took to The Voice stage to show the world that Jenny “From the Block” still got it. She is a triple threat and is adored by fans all around the world. Recently J Lo has been focused on the big screen starring in movies like Hustlers and the upcoming Marry Me. And If she didn’t accomplish anything else. We still have that famous dress. That dress alone was the reason why we have google images (True story) 

3. Jennifer Hudson 

If the diva of all divas Aretha Franklin selects you to portray here in a biopic, you have to make the Top 3. Jennifer Hudson has one of the most distinct and powerful voices in today’s music. She appeared on the U.S version and the U.K version of The Voice. She is an Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy award winner who did not let coming in third place on American Idol stop her. Hudson has been hitting the award circuit with her latest role as Aretha Franklin which is a full circle moment. She performed an Aretha Franklin song during her American Idol audition. Maybe she can find time to return to The Voice and help coach a new batch of powerful singers. She is one Tony award away from becoming the latest member in the exclusive EGOT club.

2 . Kelly Clarkson 

Where to start with the American Idol winner, turned The Voice judge. Kelly is a bonafide star. With almost 20 years in the industry she did not let the curse of winning a talent award show affect her. She has won Grammys and countless other awards. She hosts a popular talk show where she goes viral every other week for singing a cover of a song. Her Team Kelly Trio Girl Named Tom recently won Season 21 of The Voice. There is news that she will be taking over popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres time slot. A sign that she has become the most popular host on the talk show circuit.

1 . Mariah Carey

The Songbird Supreme! The ruler of all things music… the one and the only Mariah Carey. Listen there is no denying Mariah Carey’s impact. Because of her your favorite singer sings. Her time on American Idol was brief, but she didn’t leave without sprinkling her glitter all over the idol stage.

Carey is a songwriter hall of fame recipient. She is the Queen of Christmas. Carey isa Las Vegas residency star who has broken every music record we know. She has a three plus decade long career. She has shared the stage with every legend you could think of and held her own. Carey is said to be working on new music and her Christmas single “All I want For Christmas,” just hit number one on the billboard chart for the third time.

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