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Putri Ariani Flaunts Angelic Vocals in an Impressive ‘Indonesia’s Got Talent’ Duet

Simon Cowell and Putri Ariani on 'America's Got Talent'Trae Patton/NBC

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Blind teenager Putri Ariani has recently graced the stage of Indonesia’s Got Talent Press Conference to perform an emotional song. The America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer recipient also sang a duet with judge Vina Panduwinata, further capturing the hearts of the crowd.

Putri Ariani Makes Special Appearance on Indonesia’s Got Talent 2023

The Indonesia’s Got Talent 2023 Press Conference took place last Sunday, on June 11. Amazingly, the audience had the chance to witness Putri perform live. This amazing performance came merely days after she received the coveted Golden Buzzer on AGT.

Putri belted out her original song “Loneliness,” evoking strong emotions from the viewers. With this performance, Putri has once again showcased that no disability can hinder her from becoming a star.

Subsequently, she performed a duet with judge Panduwinata, singing to another self-composed piece “Takkan Berpaling Dari-Mu.” This has gotten the judge emotional onstage, then hugging Putri at the end of their performance.

For those who may not know, Putri won Indonesia’s Got Talent in 2014. It’s thus no shock that she’s enthusiastically welcomed by the Indonesian crowd and well-supported in her journey on AGT.


Fans are Emotional After Her Performance

It didn’t take long for Putri’s performance to go viral on social media. At present, her duet with Panduwinata already has 2.3 million views while her solo performance has earned 1.8 million views.

In the comment section, her supporters have expressed how impressed and touched they are by Putri’s performance. Likening the singer’s vocals to the voice of an angel, several fans evidently appreciate Putri’s talent.

“The true definition of a diva,” one user stated. “Putri not only has a beautiful voice Masya ALLAH but is also able to play the piano very extraordinary and is able to compose songs.”

One user even commented that it makes them more proud to be Indonesian, knowing that Putri is one.

“Princess Ariani is a super star,” another person wrote. “The vocal characters in the songs he sings sweep away a million feelings for every listener.”

Indonesian fans and America’s Got Talent fans are yet to see Putri perform in the next stage of the Got Talent competition. Fans should expect to see her in the live shows, beginning on August 22.

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