Psychic Demi Lovato Predicted Her Super Bowl National Anthem 10 Years Ago

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Yes, you heard it right. Ten years ago Demi Lovato predicted in a tweet that she will be singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Demi was only 17 years old at the time she tweeted this about her future. This pure “dreams come true” tweet resurfaced today and is going viral on Twitter, as it should.

Demi Lovato sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV

The Demi Levato Super Bowl Tweet in 2010

In year 2010 at the age of 17, Demi Lovato tweeted: “One day, I’m gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl. Onnnee dayyy…

Of course we know that day arrived today thirteen years later on February 2nd, 2020 when Demi Lovato got the honor of singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV.

Fans and celebrities alike took notice of this old tweet and the reactions are coming in fast and furious. After all, who doesn’t love a great “dreams come true” moment. Eleen DeGeneres retweeted it with the caption: ” Today was the day. And you were incredible. #SuperBowl

Click below to tweet and share YOUR dream with the universe, inspired by Demi Lovato’s #SuperBowl prediction tweet. What do you want for yourself in ten years from now or even sooner?

Inspired by Demi Lovato's 10 year #SuperBowl dream @ddlovato – I'm predicting that one day I will [fill in the blank] Click To Tweet


Demi Lovato Sings National Anthem at 16-Years-Old

“Who else is here after watching her sing the national anthem this year (‘:” comments a fan on a video from 2008. In this resufaced video, Demi Lovato sings the national Anthem at an NFL game at the young age of sixteen.

10 Best Super Bowl National Anthem Performances

While your at it, check out this amazing video compilation of the top 10 Super Bowl National Anthem performances ever. From Beyoncé to Billy Joel and WHitney Houston, these are some historic moments. Take a listen and tell us your favorite ever!

How do you feel about Demi Lovato’s predicting the future and setting forth her dream? What is your dream to accomplish 10 year from now? Share your thought’s in the comments below!



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