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Meet The Curtis Family C-Notes As They Take on Their ‘AGT’ Journey

The Curtis Family C-Notes AGTTrae Patton/NBC

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Season 16 of America’s Got Talent has shown some world class auditions so far. One of the most memorable comes from The Curtis Family C-Notes. This San Francisco-based group impressed the judges and America with their performance of “I Was Made to Love Her.” Learn more about this funkadelic group as they advance in their AGT journey. Don’t miss their live performance on tonight’s episode at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

What You Should Know About The Curtis Family C-Notes

1. The Curtis Family C-Notes Are a Real Family Band

The Curtis Family C-Notes are a legitimate family band compared to The Jackson 5, The Partridge Family, and The Carpenters. The group is led by parents Maestro and Nola Curtis along with their five children.

16-year-old Zahara Curtis plays guitar, violin, and ukulele. Nile Curtis, aged 15, plays the bass and cello. 14-year-old Isis Curtis plays piano, guitar, and drums, while 12-year-old Kiki Curtis takes on ukulele, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. Finally, 10-year-old Phoenix Curtis plays the ukulele, piano, guitar, and bass. In addition to all the instruments this talented family plays, they also all sing.


2. The Family Has Merch

Linked in their Instagram is The Curtis Family C-Notes shop. Here, you can also purchase merch in support of the family and their journey on AGT. Available now are t-shirts that read “Love The Curtis Family C-Notes.” With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, the items will begin to ship on August 31.

3. They Have Their Own Theme Song

The official YouTube channel for The Curtis Family C-Notes features their very own theme song. The original track showcases vocals from each band member and was composed and produced by “Papa C-Note.” Along with their original compositions, the family covers funky classics like they did on AGT. Their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “I Was Made to Love Her” earned a standing ovation from the judges and praise from host Terry Crews.


4. The Family Believes the Expression of Music is a Birthright

The Curtis Family C-Notes Believe that music is everyone’s birthright to use to express themselves and have fun. Maestro and Nola Curtis also aspire for their children to enter the sciences because of its connection to music. Mama and Papa C believe that music teaches mathematical relationships. Also, that it develops the critical thinking skills necessary for musicians to work independently as well as in groups.

5. The Band Has Released a Black Lives Matter Anthem

The Curtis Family C-Notes released their first album that included the anthem “Black Lives Matter (Power to the People).” 50 percent of its proceeds will be donated to the movement. In addition, the single will also benefit the Grass Roots Law Project. Available now to download or stream on platforms like iTunes and Tidal.


6. Maestro and Nola Curtis Developed a Black Music Studies Program

The non-profit Community Music Center launched the Black Music Studies Program. Developed and taught by faculty members Maestro and Nola Curtis, the family band leaders have designed the tuition-free program. Here, students are empowered by learning the foundations, innovations, and expansion of music given to the world by African Americans. Additionally, the course aims to give students a deep sense of love, respect, and appreciation for the contributions of Black culture across all ethnic lines.

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