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Meet Carrie Turrubiartes ‘I Can See Your Voice’s Mariah Carey Impersonator

MAriah Carey Impersonator I can see your voiceMichael Becker/Fox

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There was a huge surprise on this week’s episode of I Can See Your Voice on FOX. This series always identifies singers by their occupation, but this week’s episode included a well dressed impersonator. Carrie Turrubiartes, also known as Mariah Carey Carrie on social media, is a Mariah Carey impersonator who is working toward their EMT certification.

Golden Microphone Mystery Celebrity Leads Guesser to Eliminate Mariah Carey Impersonator

It really felt like fans were tuning into Clash of The Cover Bands on last night’s episode of I Can See Your Voice. I never expected to see an impersonator on this show! The guesser knew she had a hard decision to make once she saw the clear look alike of the popular singer.

When it was the impersonator’s turn to lip sync, she did it with ease. The impersonator had Carey’s on stage persona absolutely perfect. Guesser of the episode, Jacqueline had a tough time choosing between her and her match up competitor, the UPS driver. I think anyone would’ve been as confused as the guesser during this matchup.

Jacqueline used her golden microphone on this matchup, to get a secret celebrities interpretation of one of the singers. Randall Park was the mystery celebrity of the episode. He immediately shared that the impersonator had to be a bad singer, people of that professional rarely look and sound like their inspiration. After hearing Park’s opinion Jacqueline chose to eliminate her. The Carey impersonator was categorized as a bad singer in her reveal.

I really think this impersonator was able to nail her lip sync on this series. If it weren’t for the golden microphone, I think Jacqueline would’ve eliminated the UPS driver instead. Even the judges were impressed with how well polished this impersonators lip sync was!

Mariah Carey Impersonator Explains The Difference Between Being An Impersonator And Tribute Artist

Following the show, the impersonator began getting hate comments on Instagram. Fans though that because she performs as the singer, she must sound like her too. In the end, people watching the series seemed to confuse the terminology of impersonator versus tribute artist.

“An impersonator is not someone who sings, a tribute artist is someone who actually vocally sings,” she explained. “An impersonator is someone who takes on the persona, they might be able to speak like them, sound like them speaking, I’m an impersonator. I’m not a doppelganger, I’m not her exact twin, I can be considered also look alike. I’m close enough that I can resemble her and be hired as an impersonator.”

After explaining the difference, fans understood how this works. I think it’s interesting to hear her talk about the differences considering Clash of The Cover Bands never expressed it. On Clash Of The Cover Bands, bands came on to the series performing music of inspiration. That series contains people who try to look and sound like their singers, yet the show never differentiated between the two.

How Was She Able to Lip Sync So Well?

Carrie Turrubiartes night job as a Mariah Carey impersonator includes performances. According to her definition, her impersonations include performances that are strictly lip sync. Although she’s not creating the music herself vocally, she’s still putting on a show for the audience. In turn, it’s an expectation for her to have a perfect lip sync performance.

This impersonator is from California and typically moves around Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles. It’s unclear how long Turrubiartes has been an impersonator. Her Instagram dates back to September 2021, while her other social medias have videos that date back to 2019 and 2017.

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Carrie Turrubiartes
Carrie Turrubiartes
1 year ago

How can I complement the eloquent relay of this article?. Professional, kind and factual. You certainly have the understanding and skill of what you do here. Sending a big mom hug from Carrie Turrubiartes mariahcareycarrie
Feel free to reach out to me to explain the 2017 to 2021 statement 💕

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