Who Is Thingamajig?‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers And Predictions


The Masked Singer season 2 kicked off with 16 new celebrities! One of the most intriguing is Thingamajig. This season’s version of the Monster is taller, skinny, and equally as skilled as the season 1 winner. So we could be seeing him around for a while.

Here are the clues and performances by Thingamajig so far:

Thingamajig singing “Easy” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Clues Given On ‘The Masked Singer’

In the Super Sneak Peek for the season, Thingamajig said, “Don’t call me Chewbacca, but we do celebrate together.”

Thingamajig raps all his clues in the first episode. This is impressive! He says he’s a “gentle giant, the feathery kind.” The package shows puzzles and he mentions “puzzling” in the lyrics to his rap too. He also shows a “magic case” with him doing magic and tells us to “keep up the pace.” It really is going quickly too! Thingamajig says he’s more than “fashion shoots and dreams,” though he’s not known for singing, It also shows him with basketball shoes, then a cupcake with a “4” candle on it.

Popular Guesses For ‘The Masked Singer’

After complimenting his performance, the judges had some predictions. Robin guessed Michael Strahan, Jenny guessed Steph Curry (which the other judges quickly shot down), and Nicole went for Dennis Rodman. Online, guesses range from Wayne Brady and Victor Oladipo to Tyrese Gibson and Montell Jordan.

Our Prediction And Possible Clues!

While Thingamajig is one of the more up-in-the-air contestants, we have to predict that it’s Pacers basketball player Victor Oladipo. All the clues point in his direction! First of all, he’s tall, like Thingamajig. Second, in the Super Sneak Peek, he mentioned celebrating with Chewbacca. Victor Oladipo’s birthday is May the 4th. He was drafted by the Orlando Magic, which explains the references to magic, and even said “keep up the PACE” in the first episode, referring to the Indiana Pacers. We saw basketball shoes, so that’s an obvious connection as well. And lastly, he was blowing out a “4” candle on a cupcake, and 4 is his jersey number.

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Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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