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Who is Thingamabob? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

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Things are getting wild on The Masked Singer season 7! And one of the cuddliest new characters is undoubtedly Thingamabob. His furry costume and solid voice make him one of the favorites already this season.

So who is under the mask? Here are all the clues for Thingamabob, plus our celebrity prediction.

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 7

In Thingamabob’s clues, we see a him in a forest with a “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” ornament hanging from a tree. It mentions being “taken from its natural habitat” and how it “now has to fend for itself.” The Bulldog from last season (Nick Cannon) enters with a tackle box and fishing net in his hands. But then, they hug and Bulldog drops two big coins into a jar that says “SAVE THE THINGAMABOB” with a picture of a bell on it.

A bald eagle soars across the screen. Thingamabob cries out three tears from his eyes while the narrator says it’s “one of a kind.” The clue package ends by asking for donations and saying that a portion of the proceeds go to Robin Thicke’s wardrobe.

Prior to the season, we also saw a photo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a clue for Thingamabob.


Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Thingamabob

Ken thought Thingamabob was Metallica’s lead singer, James Hatfield. Jenny McCarthy went with wrestler Chris Jericho. And Robin Thicke guessed it might be former football player Terrell Owens.

Online, the predictions are all over the place. The most popular ones are Joe Walsh or Don Henley from the Eagles band, Jordan Mailata or Jason Kelce from the Eagles football team, Jamie Foxx, Michael Bolton, and Huey Lewis.


Who is Thingamabob on The Masked Singer?

Now this was a harder celebrity to figure out, but the ties to Eagles throughout the clue package helped direct the search. And with all the similarities to Thingamajig, we thought it might be another athlete who people don’t know can sing. That’s when we found the perfect answer!

So now we can safely say that The Masked Singer Thingamabob is…

Getty Images PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – SEPTEMBER 19: Jordan Mailata #68 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on against the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Jordan Mailata from the Philadelphia Eagles!

You read it here first! Jordan is an incredible singer, and now he’s getting to share his voice with fans everywhere. Here are all the clues that led us to him.

Most obviously, we saw a few Eagles clues, including the Hotel California ornament and a bald eagle. He’s also significantly taller than Nick Cannon at 6’8″, so that explains how huge he is. Thingamabob also mentioned being out of his natural habitat and fending for himself. Jordan is originally from Australia and got scouted to come to the US to play football.

In his clues, we saw the Bulldog from last season. Jordan used to play rugby and was selected for Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs’ Under 18s team. We also saw a “tackle box,” which is a nod to his football position: offensive tackle. The clue with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also makes sense for Jordan Mailata, because they are both of Samoan heritage. Finally, his song choice also gave him away, because Jordan’s favorite musician is Bon Jovi!


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