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Who is the Ram? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

the masked singer ramMichael Becker / FOX

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The Masked Singer is back with more epic performances and epic costumes! And the Ram is no exception. Adorned from head to toe in gold, it’s impossible to forget this armored sheep.

So who is the celebrity under the Ram mask? We’re diving in to decode all the clues and give our prediction.

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 7

The first set of clues for the Ram started with a theater marquee with “HAMLET X MACBETH” written on it. Ram is seen shaving in a mirror with antlers coming out of it. The whole package is set to look like an Old Spice commercial, though he’s talking about shaving. He comments on his “smooth look” and claims to be a “real ram” as he slides his hands down his body.

We hear a whistle blow and a referee does a touchdown signal. Then, Ram flexes to camera and credits his “Ramscaper” with keeping his head in the game and presentation on point. His papa taught him everything he knows and he’s been “following in his footsteps his entire life.” Ram drops a quarter into a piggy bank that says “QUARTER RETURN” on it. It’s taken him from “small young buck” to “real deal ram.” He closes his clues by saying “Don’t be a sheep, be a ram!”

Before the season, we saw a clue that had a blue football helmet with the number “6” in gold on it. He commented that this “isn’t the first time [he’s] come head-to-head with an opponent.”



Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Ram

For the judge’s guesses, Jenny McCarthy went with coach Jim Harbaugh. Ken thought it might be a current Los Angeles Rams team member, like Matthew Stafford. Robin guessed it might be either Peyton or Eli Manning.

People online tend to agree that the Ram is probably a football player, based on all the clues pointing to that! Some of the most popular predictions are one of the Manning brothers, Von Miller, or Joe Buck.

Who is the Ram on The Masked Singer?

The football clues were almost TOO obvious here that it was hard to look away. But in our search, we didn’t end up landing on a player!

Instead, we predict that the Ram is…

WireImage NEW YORK, NY – MAY 15: FOX NFL Lead Play by Play announcer Joe Buck attends the FOX Upfront on May 15, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Joe Buck!

Leave it to FOX to pull someone from their own broadcasting team onto the show! But all the clues just line up perfectly for The Masked Singer Ram to be him. And here’s the proof!

When the clues first came up, we saw “HAMLET X MACBETH” on the marquee. We interpret that to be “play by play,” which is exactly what Joe Buck’s job is! He’s a play-by-play commentator and has even commentated six Super Bowls. That number is important because there was a “6” on a football helmet in his clues.

We saw antlers on a mirror in his clues, which is a nod to his last name, Buck. He also mentions following in his dad’s footsteps, and Joe Buck’s dad was a sports commentator as well. Lastly, the Ram costume itself is a clue! Though the football team is now in Los Angeles, they were previously in St. Louis, where Joe was born.


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