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‘The Masked Singer’ Group B Playoffs Recap: An Un-Brie-Lievable Reveal!


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We are back for The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs! And this week, the competition is heating up. Literally, cause there’s a Taco involved! But the remaining Group B singers are all fighting for a spot in the Super 9.

So who will move on? And which iconic celebrity will be revealed? Keep reading for our Masked Singer recap of the Group B playoffs!

Who is The Banana?

Banana performing “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Banana starts in what looks like a scene from “The Office.” 2:13 is shown on an alarm clock with the date 6/8 and an alarm set for 9:15. He exclaims, “Get ‘er done!” Then, he moves to a room where there are “Sons of Bananarchy” and “Banana ‘Chips'” posters behind them. One of the men in black is seen wearing cowboy boots. Banana explains he was in talks about his image and he had to say, “Spit it out! You don’t gotta hold my hand.” They are concerned about his shelf life and say he needs a rebrand, showing a computer screen with a snake on it. Banana says he’s “high in carbs” and has a “few bruises,” but he’s still here “after all these years.”

When asked, the Banana said his favorite subject in school is art. He claims, “it’s gotten through some of the toughest times in my life…and I’ve had quite a few!”

Performance: To start the night on a high note, Banana sang “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus. Pretty on the nose, considering people guessed he might be Billy Ray after last week’s performance! But this was an entertaining song choice. I loved how much fun Banana was having on the stage and even the audience and guest panelist Gabriel Iglesias were getting involved, rocking foam cowboy hats!

Judges’ Guesses: Larry the Cable Guy (Ken), Ed Helms (Jenny), Erik Estrada or Billy Bob Thornton (Fluffy)

Who is The Mouse?

Mouse performing “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Mouse says the stage is like her “second home.” A rhino figurine and prayer hands are shown. Mouse says she still has stories to tell as she powders her face. It still feels “exciting and new” to her! She mentions her favorite things: romance novels, needlepoint, and wine and cheese. At the end, she is seen eating nuts and calls herself the “hostess with the mostest.”

Mouse’s favorite subject in school was “actually math.” Her dad told her that the numbers stand for her money.

Performance: Singing “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole, the Mouse brought her iconic voice to the stage again. This is clearly an older, African-American singer! She seems like a natural on that stage. And she nails every note too! The panelists say she’s a “living legend.”

Judges’ Guesses: Tracee Ellis Ross (Jenny), Tina Turner (Ken), Dionne Warwick (Nicole & Robin)

Who is The Frog?

Frog performing “In Da Club” by 50 Cent on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: The Frog says he feels like he “got a new lease on life.” We see a typewriter with the letters C, S, and I in a different color. He has “sacrificed so much of himself to be all that.” A Hollywood Walk of Fame star is shown and a tag with “$19.00” written on it. Frog says he’s “always shooting” to be “the prince of his game” and the clues display a basketball, then toy soldiers. He says he almost croaked! When it’s revealed what he’s been typing, the page says: “Not every frog wants to be a prince.”

Frog’s favorite subject in school was gym, or P.E. He said he likes it because it keeps him in shape to do all this dancing!

Performance: Rapping a remix of “In Da Club” by 50 Cent, the Frog tears up this performance. It was an awesome version of the song, with brass in the background and perfectly rhythmic. This has to be someone who’s spent time on the stage before. Those dance moves were impressive! As Nicole said, he “knocked it out of the park.”


Judges’ Guesses: Alfonso Ribeiro (Jenny and Fluffy), Kevin Hart (Ken), Omarion (Robin)

Who is The Taco?


Clues: Starting with a “news update,” the Taco says he loved breaking out of his shell on stage. We see a whoopee cushion in a taco shell. He claims you may think of him as a “buttoned-up mild type” but he used to be a “hot head.” Until he met another taco who made him into a “softer taco.” A “galaxy” is shown with constellations on it. Taco says he can’t even believe his career is real, then a wig is seen on the screen.

Taco says he was a “class clown.” Once he was put in a closet for bad behavior, but he “loved it!” because he didn’t have to sit in class.

Performance: The Taco sang “Bossa Nova Baby” by Elvis Presley this week. He brought a lot of personality and his voice wasn’t bad either! I love the shimmying and dancing he incorporated this week. If it weren’t for the creepy tomato face, I might actually be a fan.

Judges’ Guesses: Harry Connick Jr. or Seth MacFarlane (Jenny), Ted Danson (Fluffy), Alec Baldwin (Ken)

Who is The Kitty?

Kitty performing “Mercy” by Brett Young on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Clues: Kitty says she’s been “waiting for this moment forever.” Sewing is one of her favorite things to do, whether a pillow for someone special or a “modern dress for a family member’s ball.” She mentions she “draws on all that inspires her” while she is seen drawing. “Maybe there’s something about watching transformations rings a bell” to the Kitty. One of the men in black is seen wearing a red, hooded cape. She can feel herself growing into something “brand new.”

Her favorite subject in school was English. She’s “such a bookworm” and says she used to write sci-fi books at school that she would sell for quarters.

Performance: Slowing it down from last week, Kitty performed “Mercy” by Brett Young. This tender ballad is perfect for her voice. Where she was shaky last week, she seemed to be right on this time around. Kitty had some impressive runs, making me feel like this could actually be a singer. After, Robin even said she’s “one of the favorites” this season.

Judges’ Guesses: Millie Bobby Brown (Jenny), Amanda Seyfried (Fluffy), Sarah Hyland (Ken)


The Mouse Revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

In a shocking elimination, the Mouse was voted out this week! The panelists then had a chance to put in their final guesses. Robin laid out the clues and guessed Dionne Warwick, which Nicole, Jenny, and Fluffy all agreed with. Ken, on the other hand, predicted Tina Turner.

Finally, the Mouse was revealed to be…

The Mouse is revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs

Dionne Warwick!

TWO icons, Chaka Khan AND Dionne Warwick both in one season? The Masked Singer is upping its game (and clearly its budget too!). Next week, we’ll see Group B go from four to three. Tune in with us next Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX for The Masked Singer Group B Championships!

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