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‘The Masked Singer’ Group B Kickoff Recap: Six NEW Celebrities Revealed!


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The Masked Singer returned with its latest twist: SIX new celebrities! Now that Group A is down to its final three, Group B is taking the stage.

But who will be unmasked? And who are the celebrities under the mask? The Masked Singer Group B kicks off now!

Who is The Frog?

Frog performing “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Clues: The Frog starts with “The Daily Ribbit” newspaper reading, “TADPOLE PLUCKED FROM LARGE CREEK!” and “FROGS ARE JUMPING! FROGS ARE JUMPING!” He says, “I lept to stardom as fast as a lightning bolt.” But he never had a chance to evolve and do things his way. A bag of leftovers is shown with hush puppies falling out of it. He was “slithering with the big frogs,” he says as a 1996 Olympics poster is shown. Last, we see a microphone with a Facebook “like” symbol on it and $106.

Performance: What a way to kick off the show! Frog brought his “A-game” and rapped an MC Hammer classic, “U Can’t Touch This.” I love the energy he brought! And he’s actually a pretty good rapper too. The White Tiger could take some lessons from Frog.

Judges’ Guesses: Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Ray J

Who is The Elephant?

Elephant performing “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Clues: The Elephant stars in front of an art supply store. He says he was a “calf” when he found his calling. Elephant is then shown drumming. He turned his passion into a “one man show.” He is seen walking in front of a stop sign and a “MY BICYCLE” poster. Elephant went from “canvassing park benches to leading the charge of a massive movement.” He mentions even parading through “white houses.” One of the men in black is shown wearing a crown. Then, they walk by some blue birds. At the end, Elephant holds his drumsticks up in an “X.”

Performance: Singing “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure, the Elephant wasn’t the best singer. But to be honest, he wasn’t the worst either! He doesn’t seem very comfortable on the stage though. It’s clear he’s not a performer.

Judges’ Guesses: Lance Armstrong, Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, Beto O’Rourke

Who is The Kitty?

Kitty performing “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Clues: The Kitty is seen on stage, with spectators in black and white cheering her on and watching through binoculars. She says she “feels at home among the weird and wonderful.” The show is a little bit of heaven, where Kitty can “wipe the slate clean as the purest snow.” A wizard is shown and a telescope pointing to the moon. People think of her as the person she once was, not the person she’s become. We see a moon puffing out smoke. Now, she gets to start from scratch. Pirates are fighting in the background. She’s going for “high drama,” while we see a rose shatter and rose petals all around her.

Performance: On the polar opposite end of the spectrum from the Elephant before her, Kitty took control of the stage. She sang “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande and even though it wasn’t pitch perfect, you can tell she’s performed before. Kitty had some great dance moves and theatrics, and a solidly decent voice to boot.

Judges’ Guesses: Julianne Hough, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie

Who is The Taco?

Taco performing “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Clues: The Taco says he’s been “a comforting part of your lives for decades.” VHS tapes are shown on the screen. He says he’s got plenty of “seasoning” and he’s in a “good place,” then an anchor and Rubiks cube appear. A trolley car is also shown. The Taco is here to spice things up, “to enchiladas and beyond!” He wants to be the “last mask standing.”

Performance: Watching a tomato head sing Frank Sinatra is something I never thought I’d witness but here we are. Taco sang “Fly Me To The Moon” and he’s actually got a pretty good voice. I think it was a very appropriate song choice. He nailed the high notes too!

Judges’ Guesses: Regis Philbin, Martin Short, Bob Saget

Who is The Mouse?

Mouse performing “Get Here” by Oleta Adams on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Clues: The Mouse says she’s “small and cute” but her presence is “larger than life.” She is seen as a cheerleader using a megaphone. Mouse says she has always been a leader in her field. She says she “wrote the playbook,” and a play is shown called the “BANG BANG FORMATION” with East in a different color than the other directions. Football players wear the numbers “19” and “79.” Mouse mentions she “never accepts anything less than gold” while gold pom-poms are shown.

Performance: It’s clear from the beginning that the Mouse is an older singer, and her song choice proves that. Performing “Get Here” by Oleta Adams, an early Idol favorite, she brought her unique tone to the classic. Because of the interesting, one-of-a-kind voice, this is the only character who had a prediction trending on Twitter tonight!

Judges’ Guesses: Darlene Love, Dionne Warwick, Maya Rudolph

Who is The Banana?

Banana makes his entrance on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Clues: The Banana is seen sleeping on a blanket next to a cowboy hat and a blowfish. He gets a text asking “Banana! Where R U?” Then one of the men in black slips on a banana peel. Banana has a Southern accent and recounts last night. He says, “you would think this is my first rodeo.” He’s “tough on the outside but a total smoothie on the inside, and a total hoot to have at parties.” Banana is shown blurred out looking for his clothes, then we see a blue collar.

Performance: Finally, Banana sang “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley. What a fun performance! He’s bopping around the stage and dancing to the music. His vocals aren’t bad either! I don’t know if we’re dealing with a pro singer but he’s got some chops for sure.

Judges’ Guesses: Bill Engvall, Ed Helms, Darius Rucker

The Elephant Revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Kickoff

Once all the performers sang, one Masked Singer had to be eliminated from Group B. And this week, it’s the Elephant. The panelists had a chance to give their final predictions. Jenny guessed Lance Armstrong, Ken said Beto O’Rourke, Nicole thought it was Steve Aoki, and Robin guessed Travis Pastrana.

Then, when the Elephant was revealed, it was…


Pro skater, Tony Hawk!

Woah, this is a big one! I grew up playing “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” so to see him on this show was incredible. (Even if his singing wasn’t…) We’ll be back for The Masked Singer Group B Playoffs next week at 8/7c on FOX.

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