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Luke Bryan’s Fashion Evolution: Check Out the ‘American Idol’ Judge’s Greatest Looks

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As American Idol Season 20 is gearing up to launch on February 27, fans are eager to be introduced to great voices from around the country. What makes Idol so fascinating is not only the singing, but also the judges’ chemistry and banter. Another aspect of Idol that fans notice is the fashion that the judges rock at auditions and during the live extravagant shows. Judge Katy Perry is a pop diva who knows that she has to serve up fashion on a golden platter. For the country boy himself, Luke Bryan, fashion stays true to his roots. Every once in a while we may be lucky enough to watch him take a fashion risk. He has come along way from his first season as a judge on Idol.

Bryan’s Season 19 Finale Look

Bryan’s fashion statement during the Season 19 finale of Idol had fans going wild. His gold colored sports coat definitely puts him in the league of Las Vegas entertainers who are into the glitz of showbiz. His white buttoned down shirt was equally as flashy. Fans seemed to think so too, spectators could not stop commenting their approval on his Instagram.

Adding Some Floral to the Occassion

If fans noticed a change in Bryan’s style throughout his seasons on American Idol, they can thank his current stylist, Lee Moore. Season 19 also showed Bryan bringing some floral to his look. Keeping his signature open chest, Bryan’s look still showed that the singer was embracing his more fashionable side. Followers begged to know who the designer was.

King of Leather

Bryan proved that he is willing to show some fashion while remaining who he is. During a live episode of Idol, he proved that he is the king of leather. From the slicked hair, to adding a pop of red on an all black leather jacket, Bryan gave us a cool motorcycle look during the show.

70’s Inspired Look

The “One Margarita” singer brought the funk with his patterned button down shirt. Pairing it with an all black jacket, Bryan could have gone to the nearest disco themed party and had all of the margaritas he wanted. The look shows what’s old is new again as his fashion was considered on trend.

The Plaid Button Down

Bryan doesn’t stray too far from his well-known looks. His plaid button down ensembles are always a treat. Plaid button downs are cozy and you can wear it with just about anything. Boots, sneakers, jeans, pants, the possibilities are endless, and Bryan proves it.

The Solid Tee and Jacket Combo

At the end of the day, Bryan is all about comfort and sticking to the basics. This fashionable look always gives a fun youthful vibe. Adding a tie-dye twist proves that the times are changing for even those who take pride in remaining low maintenance. He has come a long way from not making a statement with his style, no matter how simple.

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