The Four’s Sharaya J WINS When It Comes To FASHION!

Melissa Boursiquot | Talent Recap


I know, I know. James Graham is technically this season’s winner of The Four. But can we talk about who REALLY won when it comes to fashion on the show? Because it was none other than Ms. Sharaya J herself. Not only did she come hard every week with hard hitting lyrics that led her to hold down her seat all season long, she made sure to have equally as hard outfits, she clearly was the fashionista of the season!

Now let’s get into some of my favorite looks of the season!

If you’ve read my past Fashion Friday articles you know I love myself a red suit! I feel like it looks so good on anyone BUT can we talk about how Sharaya J put her twist on the statement look with an even bigger statement? Yes I’m talking about that cheetah print! I love how she made it even edgier & wild. Plus the hoops & high top cap give that hip hop feel which we all know is her passion.

Looking like a pure angel on the stage of The Four! I absolutely loved Sharaya in this primarily white outfit! She takes the subtle color and still makes it look bold with her silver & striped accents. Just another look showing off her true “queen of The Four” energy.

She came through with the bold red again! Honestly if I was a contestant going against Sharaya, this outfit itself would intimidate me. The structure, the color, the graphic print boots, only a few people in the world can pull of this look and needless to say Sharaya J is one of them. Now I’ve got to admit I’m not exactly sure how comfortable that material is but she does a damn good job at making it look effortlessly comfy.

And last but not least this finale outfit though. Sharaya literally has pictures of herself in her The Four seat from EVERY WEEK. Talk about self love, motivation and a way to have your competition shook! I was obsessed with the personalization of this vest not to mention the awesome fringe situation going on. For the first time every iconic might just be an understatement in this Fashion Friday post!

Personally nobody can convince me that any of the contestants on The Four slayed as hard as Sharaya J when it comes to wardrobe! And when it comes to fashion I think we definitely have to give her the W of the season! Were you feeling Sharaya J’s outfits this season? If so what was your favorite one?


Melissa Boursiquot
Melissa Boursiquot

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