Let’s Dissect Last Night’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semi-Final Show

Trae Patton/NBC

Wow. What a night! Rarely in the history of not only America’s Got Talent but any of these talent competition shows has there been such a strong batch of performances. In their own way, each act earned the right to move on to the final. There wasn’t a single one that messed up or didn’t give it their all. So, now it’s up to America to decide. God help us all.

Yoli Mayor

This is my girl and not just because she’s a fellow Cubana. What a voice! I think what impressed the judges as well is that she took their notes about toning it down and really shined. She’s a definite contender.

Eric Jones

Selling close-up magic is not easy to do on TV but Eric has it down to a science. Not only are his tricks amazing but he’s very personable. Whether he moves on or not, he has a Vegas show in his future.

Preacher Lawson

This. Dude. Is. Funny. Genuinely, seriously, smartly, funny. I’m with Howie on the fact that thanks to his exposure on AGT he’s getting a sitcom or an HBO or Netflix special or something out of this.

Evie Clair

That voice, the piano playing, the raw emotion are out of this world and all from a 13-year-old girl. I’m fairly certain she’s going to move on because America loooooves Evie. It might come down to her and Darci.

Billy and Emily England

Who else’s heart stopped when bearded Billy threw his sister off the platform? I thought for a second that we had watched a live death on TV. But she was OK, of course. Again, these two are sure to get a Vegas show out of this experience.

Chase Goehring

They call him the next Ed Sheeran but I personally think Chase is better than him. I remember the songs I wrote for my teen angst grunge band when I was his age and they sucked compared to Chase’s stuff. I’m sure he’s moving on.

Sara Carson and Hero

We hear a lot from commenters that dog acts are cruel, and while that certainly is sometimes the case, I know that Sara loves those dogs more than anything and that those pups are having a blast on that stage. Simon’s love for them knows no bounds and they will move forward.

Darci Lynne Farmer

No doubt, she’s going to be in the finals. She is the most original act of them all and she’s in it to win it. We believe she will be the winner.

Mike Yung

Of all the stories on this year’s show, I find Mike Yung’s tale of singing on the subways of New York City for 37 years to be the most inspiring. Never give up on your dreams. Never.

Greater Works

They once again took us to church. Singing Aerosmith’s creepy stalker song I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing it was clear that they are a force to be reckoned with. I would totally buy one of their gospel records of pop hits.

Johnny Manuel

I don’t know if he’s going to move forward or not, but I do know that Johnny will get a record contract and many, many babies will be conceived to Johnny’s sultry voice.

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