Nevermind, Cheryl Will Be Back On ‘The X Factor UK’

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

Last week we wrote about Cheryl insisting that she would never, ever go back on The X Factor UK. She’d had it with the show and wants to move on to other projects. Now, I guess, she changed her mind. Probably because they offered her a truckload of pounds to come back.

When Cheryl dissolved her company Cherco that handled her earning and appearances on The X Factor UK it was believed that her tenure with the show was over. After all, why would you get lawyers involved in stuff unless you were serious about leaving? Well, it turns out that all of that information is wrong. She will be returning to The X Factor UK during the French Riviera portion of the show to help pick the singers that will progress forward. A source told The Mail On Sunday that,

“Simon is ecstatic at getting Cheryl back working with him again. They’ve had their ups and downs to say the least but he hugely respects her opinion. He has been working on it for a while. He and Cheryl have been talking a lot over the last months. Recent reports that she wouldn’t be returning ever are obviously way off the mark.”

OK. So, who knows what’s going on? Maybe she’ll change her mind again? Who’s to say? I imagine ITV signed a fat check to tempt her back. Hell, I’d put up with Simon and his deep V-neck tees for a paycheck.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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