‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Star Arrested for Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

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RuPaul’s Drag Race star Widow Von’Du was arrested on Monday after allegedly beating her boyfriend in her home. After a drunken night out, Widow, whose legal name is Ray Fry, came home and found her boyfriend sleeping in her bed. This is said to have set the drag star off because she says she did not give him permission to do so.

Widow Von’Du is Arrested After Allegedly Beating Her Boyfriend

Widow was taken into custody by the Kansas City Police Department on Monday. TMZ obtained a probable cause affidavit where her boyfriend describes the assault over the weekend. He maintains that he notified Widow before sleeping in her bed. The unnamed boyfriend also claims that the television star punched him between four and five times and strangled him. He was allegedly pushed into the bed frame, which left him bloody and unconscious.

The boyfriend received 14 stitches in the face and the head at the hospital. After examining his injuries, police arrested Widow and took her into custody at the Jackson County jail on one count of domestic assault in the first degree and three counts in the second degree. After posting $5,000 of her $50,000 bond, the performer was released on Tuesday.

According to several reports, Widow spoke about the incident during an Instagram Live session. In the since-deleted video, she allegedly said “some white boy tried me and got his a** beat.”

A Witness Posted the Arrest Video on Twitter

One witness to the arrest posted a video on Twitter. A few people are gathered around Widow as she is shown being handcuffed.

“You’re taking me down because I was assaulted in my own apartment as someone else would not understand that his privilege does not extend to my apartment,” she said.

Widow, who was dressed in drag at the time of the arrest shouted toward the camera.

“As a Black man, I’m being arrested for defending myself in my apartment,” she continued. “And just because his ass got beat up because he would not leave when I asked five times, I’m being arrested… instead of someone being arrested for violating me.” 

A court date is set for June 7. Widow is currently on house arrest and is not permitted to contact the alleged victim or any witnesses.


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