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‘LEGO Masters’ Brick Master Amy Creates Builds Of Her Episode Outfits

Lego Masters Amy CorbettTom Griscom/ FOX, Instagram

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Brick Master Amy Corbett isn’t only a judge on LEGO Masters, she’s also a LEGO lover herself. On top of her love of LEGO comes her love of the fashion she brings to the show. She combined her love of fashion and LEGO by making mini versions of herself to commemorate each episode.

During the first season of LEGO Masters, Corbett began creating figurines after each episode. Fans went wild over these figurines, so she decided to bring them back for season two. You won’t believe how cute they are.

Corbett of LEGO Masters is often seen wearing very cute, fashionable clothing when she judges on the show. Personally, I’m always obsessed with her stylish, yet simple outfits so it doesn’t surprise me that she loves them just as much.

LEGO Day Parade

For the first episode of the season, Corbett sported black pants and an orange button up blazer. In this Instagram post she reminded fans of the theme of the show, and also included that this build featured DOTS pieces and gold bars in the blazer. Not only did she show off her outfit from the show, she explained that the background of the scene is meant to be streetside parade viewpoint. Surrounding her figurine is confetti, a hot dog, and an umbrella.

Hero Shots!

For the second episode, she was seen wearing black pants, and a yellow sheer top with a matching camisole underneath it. In her caption, she spoke on how yellow is a tough color to work with on the LEGO color palette but she managed to make sure her design was simple but emphasized the iconic parts of her outfit. This look features a peplum frill, her gold necklace, and of course her yellow shirt. The background of this build is supposed to represent the destruction that happened during the episode.

Make and Shake

In this episode Corbett decided to change away from her normal straight hair and red lip fashion. This night she premiered a curled hair look so she made sure that was seen in her build. That night she wore a primarily black outfit, with a black blazer that has red sparkly accents. In her instagram caption she talked about having fun creating the texture in her hair of the build and using the red LEGOs to create the sparkly look on the blazer.

“Complete with measuring stick to check all the builds meet the rules, and cellphone with Jennifer Love Hewitt on speed dial!” said Corbett.

Hats Incredible

Corbett’s outfit in this episode was probably my favorite of them all. She wore a star blazer over what looks like a black dress. This episode her hair also differed from the rest since she was rocking a high ponytail. She first mentioned the fact that she used heart eyes on her figurine within her Instagram post. Corbett used them because she absolutely loved these builds. Her Instagram post finished off by mentioning that the Brick Masters’ favorite part of this build was the LEGO stilettos.

One Hanging Brick

In this episode Corbett decided to match her signature red lip with her entire outfit! She sported a red jumpsuit which ended up being difficult to recreate in LEGO form.

“Not as simple to capture in brick form as you would think due to the lack of defining features…but I got there in the end,” said Corbett.

It’s okay since she also talked about how comfortable this outfit was for the episode. I love the detail to the episode she included by having her figurine hold the golden brick!

Demolition Derby

In this LEGO Masters episode, Corbett wore black pants and a pink top. She described this episode as totally nuts which is why the eyes of her build are in total shock. She added tiny details from the show into the hands of her build. Mini Brick Master Amy Corbett is holding a red flag and remote control accessories. The photo of this build is probably the most simple of all since Corbett is in the photo with “Get Your Brick On” written in the background.

Corbett recently posted a photo with Brick Master Jamie and host, Will Arnett that shows she will be wearing an outfit very similar to episode one during tonight’s show. The orange in her blazer for this episode is a little darker so I’m interested in seeing it in LEGO form.

LEGO Masters returns to FOX tonight at 8 p.m. EST after its recent hiatus.

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