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Brick Master Amy Corbett Confirms ‘Lego Masters’ Teams Get Breaks During Builds

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As many Lego Masters fans know, rounds can be long and challenging for the contestants. Brick Master Amy Corbett spoke on Instagram about what these long rounds are like for the judges.

Some rounds of the competition can last 12-15 hours, what do the judges do during the time? Brick Master Amy has answered our question in her latest Instagram post.

“People often ask what we do during the 12-15 hour challenges? And the truth is, we are always keeping an eye on the builds… whether it’s check-ins, watching on-set from the balcony or sitting just out of sight and watching on the monitors, we like to keep an eye on what (and how) our awesome builders are creating!’ said Corbett in her post. “And quite honestly, we get so engrossed that the time flies!!! …and there are snacks.”


We’re happy to hear that our Brick Masters are able to enjoy every minute of the builds since we know they love watching the process of brick creations, and love creating them theirselves! Speaking of making their own creations, one fan commented to Corbett, asking if they do mini challenges during these long rounds.

“Yes, sometimes we just can’t keep our hands off the bricks 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️” Corbett replied.

This comes as no surprise at all since both of our Brick Masters are obsessed with creating. It would be fun to have an extra episode where fans could watch Corbett and Berards’ mini-challenges.

It seems like the two Brick Masters are living it up when creations are being built, especially with the snacks!

Do ‘Lego Masters’ Teams Get Breaks?

Corbett also shared her Instagram post to her story. Within the story she cleared up confusion about how the long rounds work, specifically when it comes to eating and breaks. The original post mentioned that there are snacks for Corbett and Berard, but did not mention anything about meal times or breaks for contestants.

This raised a few concerns within the post’s comment section. Concerned fans asked if contestants are able to rest, or have a meal. Instead of replying directly within the comment section, Corbett shared the answer to her story.

“A lot of you lovely caring people are concerned that our builders don’t get any lunch breaks during long challenges, I can confirm that we take good care of them! They do get lunch and breaks,” said Corbett on her Instagram story. “But they are absolute rockstars!!! They work their b***s off long and hard!”


We now know that even during the long rounds, Lego Masters teams are not hangry, and do get breaks. Considering creations take so much brain power, it’s great that they’re able to take a break every once.

The newest episode of Lego Masters is set to air on July 20 at 8 p.m. on FOX. Tune in to see the re-creations of host Will Arnett’s lamborghini from the memories of our contestants! The episode even contains a demolition derby battle!

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