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Fans Left Fuming As ‘LEGO Masters’ Takes Another Week Off

Lego MastersTom Griscom/FOX

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LEGO Masters has become our favorite Tuesday night competition series. The only problem is, it’s barely ever on. The show’s official social media accounts announced that there is unfortunately no new episode once again tonight.

Why isn’t ‘LEGO Masters’ on Tonight?

The show will return with a new “Bricking Wind” episode on August 10. It seems like a surprise to fans each week that the show doesn’t air. They always take to social media to voice their frustrations about how this season has not had consistent episodes each week.

“Why aren’t there new episodes weekly? It seems like there’s been one only every other week or every three weeks. Why,” one viewer wrote in an Instagram comment.

The show first took a week off before the “One Floating Brick” episode aired on July 6. TMZ Investigates: UFOS: The Pentagon Proof aired in its time slot during the first week off. The show took another week off ahead of the “Demolition Derby” episode due to the MLB All-Star Game.

“I know its not your fault, but this airing scheduling is getting quite annoying with the amount of breaks being taken,” another viewer wrote on Twitter.


The most perplexing part about this crazy schedule is that the TV Guide does show that an episode of LEGO Masters is on tonight in its usual time slot. FOX will be airing a repeat of the “Hero Shot” episode. After hoping for new episodes each week, this is just seriously annoying on FOX’s part. Just air a new episode!

After watching last week’s “Demolition Derby” episode with cars and wreckage flying everywhere, hopes were high that this week would somehow be able to top that. Unfortunately, viewers are once again left in the dark. While we sulk about not seeing any new LEGO destruction this week, you can catch up on all of the past episodes on Hulu.

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