Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Have The Fauci Fever And Aren’t Afraid To Show It

Samantha Agate
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Katy Perry is always wearing crazy outfits on American Idol. But, she went for a more simple look in a “Fauci Gang” sweatshirt alongside her fiancé Orlando Bloom in a recent Instagram post. They support America’s leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci that has been at the forefront of the media during the coronavirus pandemic.

Orlando posted this picture on Instagram with the caption “double tap if you’re in the #drfauci gang.”

Katy And Orlando Are Wearing These Sweatshirts For Charity

For anyone that wants to get their hands on a “Fauci Gang” sweatshirt, they are available for purchase from a company called PizzaSlime. However, you might just have to wait a little while to get one since it is now completely sold out. Perhaps it has something to do with A-list celebrities like Perry and Bloom promoting the merch. The description for the item says “Dr. Fauci is a national treasure we MUST protect him at ALL costs!!! A portion of proceeds will be donated to support the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund.” This “was created to provide immediate resources to public health responders, help communities prevent, detect, and respond to COVID-19, deliver critical home essentials to quarantined individuals, and more.”

Perry and Bloom did not show off the back of the sweater. It features a bunch of pictures of Dr.Fauci and his name in glitter. It’s pretty epic. We could definitely see why this product is in such high demand.


Dr. Fauci Has Become A Global Phenomenon

Dr. Fauci is the top American infectious disease specialist and has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. He has become a trusted voice and the public face of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Fauci has also debunked a lot of myths and misconceptions about the virus and has really become a man of the people. They admire his candor and the fact that he does not hold back when it comes to delivering facts and the reality of the world crisis. But being the man of the hour can take unexpected turns and it seems that Fauci’s popularity has turned into a fever, often even sexualized. This sweatshirt is not the only merch that people have created to support Dr. Fauci.


Donuts Delite, a doughnut shop in Rochester, New York, prints Fauci’s face on edible paper and places it atop buttercream-frosted doughnuts. They said they began selling the special donuts to “cheer up” people in the neighborhood. Who wouldn’t want a cupcake with his smiling face on it?


You name it, and it exists. Dr. Fauci prayer candles, socks, shirts and even underwear have been created and sold to the masses. People are really just obsessed with the way he presents himself in the public eye and has grown a crush on him. To many, he may seem like just an average guy that was thrust into the spotlight but to others, he has truly become an icon.

He was even recently portrayed on an episode of Saturday Night Live by Brad Pitt.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Have Baby Fever & Fauci Fever

It’s good to see Perry and Bloom smiling in this “Fauci Gang” picture. This came after reports that the couple hit a rough patch in their relationship. According to an US Weekly insider, their relationship “has changed since she got pregnant.” Sure, pregnancy can cause a lot of stress for some people preparing to take on the role of being a new parent. Bloom already has one son, Flynn, with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, but for Katy, this is a whole new experience. The source continued to say that “Orlando and her are having some ups and downs right now.” This is normal for any couple to go through little rough patches. They probably feel more pressure on the situation because they are such a high profile celebrity couple.

Perry recently wore a onesie with Bloom’s face on it during an appearance on Live Kelly And Ryan. Her daring looks are one of the reasons why so many of her fans love her.


Even though they may be feeling some stress about the baby coming, Perry and Bloom are definitely still very excited. Hopefully the “Fauci Gang” sweatshirt comes in toddlers sizes so their little one can match with them!

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