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Julianne Hough Plays Matchmaker With Harry Jowsey, Rylee Arnold: “You Guys Can’t Go On a Date Together”

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold for 'Dancing With The Stars' Motown Night, Julianne Hough for 'Dancing With the Stars' PremierePhoto by: Disney/Eric McCandless, Photo by: ABC/Eric McCandless

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The rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation about a potential romance between Harry Jowsey and his Dancing With The Stars partner, Rylee Arnold. The pair has been wowing audiences with their moves on the dance floor, and their off-stage chemistry has generated a lot of curiosity. Adding fuel to the fire, Julianne Hough, the show’s host, couldn’t resist playing the role of a matchmaker in a fun TikTok.

Julianne Hough Plays Matchmaker With Harry Jowsey, Rylee Arnold

Dancing With The Stars host Julianne Hough is understandably as interested in Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey’s dating life, as much as fans of the series. Now, Hough has taken it into her own hands, attempting to get a confirmation out of the celebrity/professional dancer pair.

If you missed it, this season of Dancing With The Stars introduced their newest and current youngest cast member, 18 year old Rylee Arnold. Due to the chemistry between the pro dancer and her partner, Harry Jowsey, fans have began speculating that the two are seeing each other romantically outside of the series.

On October 11, Hough shared a video where she attempted to get to the bottom of these rumors. Within the video, that appears to have been taken during camera blocking (Monday) Hough asks the pair what their ideal date is.

Harry replied to Hough’s curiosity by stating that he appreciates day time activities, while Rylee prefers a night in. In turn, Hough responds playfully, saying “you guys can’t go on a date together,” due to their preferences.

@juleshough Asking those hard-hitting questions 🔥🌟 Which couple should I interview next?! #DWTS #MotownNight #Dance #InterviewStyle @Harry Jowsey @Rylee arnold @Dancing with the Stars #DWTS ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Following last week’s Motown Night on DWTS, Rylee and Harry discussed the rumors during an interview. Harry, 26, issued a cryptic statement about his 18 year old dance partner. He hinted that “if something happens, something happens.”

He then explained that it’s unfair to put pressure on Rylee, who is experiencing her first season on DWTS.

“I just think that we’re trying to focus on the dancing and get good at it, and everyone’s got all crazy theories,” Harry said. “But, yeah, I don’t know. We’re just focusing on the dance and just enjoying being together.”

Fans Thank The DWTS Host For Sleuthing Behind The Scenes

After the video of Hough’s playful interview with Harry and Rylee, the fans have spoken out. Many are thanking Hough for getting the intel on what’s actually going on between Harry and Rylee.

Hough did her absolute best remaining sly in the video, it’s clear from both Rylee and Harry’s faces that they weren’t expecting this question. Now, fans are praising Hough for attempting to get a confirmation.

“Jules is giving the people what we need! we NEED,” a fan commented.

Some fans also commented pointing out that Hough may have been getting intel so she could flirt with Jowsey herself, but many think Hough is doing work for the fans of the series. The host has in turn asked fans to comment which pairs she needs to interview behind the scenes next. Since more dating rumors have recently sparked, Hough is the hero fans need right now.

As the speculation continues, the chemistry between Harry and Rylee is undeniable. While it’s not entirely clear whether Julianne was just playing matchmaker or subtly flirting herself, one thing is certain: fans will be eagerly watching for any further developments, on and off the dance floor.

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