Judge Ken Jeong’s Wildest Guesses Ever on ‘The Masked Singer’

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Ken Jeong has been a judge on The Masked Singer since the first season, but to say that his guesses aren’t always accurate would be an understatement. Jeong has the worst track record among the judges, and he’s even called himself “the dumbest judge.”

This week, he managed to correctly guess that Christie Brinkley was under the Lemur mask. However, earlier in the show, the crowd chanted “No, Ken!” about a few other questionable guesses. Let’s look back at some of the weirdest suggestions he’s made.

Ken Jeong’s Wildest ‘Masked Singer’ Guesses

1. Celine Dion as Miss Monster

In Season 3, Jeong guessed that Miss Monster could be none other than Celine Dion. Yes, we’re talking about the iconic singer of “My Heart Will Go On.” Miss Monster turned out to be Chaka Khan, but Jeong’s final guess was also wrong, as he suggested it could be Reba McEntire.

2. Justin Timberlake as Yeti

In Season 5, Jeong said Yeti had the same “self-awareness” as famous NSYNC member Justin Timberlake, whom he called “my good family friend.” Cannon called him out for claiming to be friends with him. Guest judge Rita Wilson told Jeong she just got a text from Timberlake, saying he was home with his family. Yeti turned out to be Omarion.

3. Ciara as Night Angel

In Season 3, Jeong threw out the idea that Night Angel was famous singer Ciara. “Look at her, she just fits the profile,” he said, to which host Nick Cannon responded, “No, she doesn’t.” Nicole Scherzinger pointed out that Ciara is “a lot taller,” and she also happened to be pregnant at the time. Jeong insisted that she was hiding the baby “in the wings.” Night Angel turned out to be Kandi Burruss.

4. Kevin Hart as Grandpa Monster

Another questionable Season 5 guess from Jeong was Kevin Hart as Grandpa Monster. Guest host Niecy Nash pointed out the height difference, saying, “If Kevin Hart was in this costume, it would be this tall.” Still, Jeong kept that as his final guess. Grandpa Monster turned out to be Logan Paul.

5. Kourtney Kardashian as T-Rex

In Season 3, T-Rex showed off incredible energy and stage presence, which is why Jeong’s guess of Kourtney Kardashian was so laughable. Jenny McCarthy poked fun at him by imitating Kardashian’s extremely chill way of speaking. T-Rex turned out to be JoJo Siwa, who is much taller than Kardashian.

6. Björk as Flower

In Season 2, Jeong was convinced that flower was famous Icelandic singer Björk, completely ignoring the obvious difference between their voices. It wasn’t just a throwaway guess, either. Jeong kept that guess going until Flower was revealed as none other than Patti LaBelle.

7. Fabio as White Tiger

In Season 3, Jeong fixated on the butter shown in White Tiger’s clue package, connecting it to Fabio’s famous advertisements for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. The judge ended up changing his guess before White Tiger’s unmasking, suggesting it was football player J.J. Watt. He was on the right track, as it turned out to be Rob Gronkowski.

8. Mariah Carey as Lips

One of Jeong’s most mind-boggling guesses came in Season 4, when he suggested that Lips could be famous singer Mariah Carey. The biggest issue with this guess? To put it lightly, Lips wasn’t exactly a powerhouse singer. Carey’s fans were outraged, and even Wendy Williams (who turned out to be under the mask) was confused by the guess, saying, “I don’t sing like Mariah. I sing awfully.”

9. Adam Lambert as Piglet

In Season 5, Jeong guessed that Piglet might be an American Idol alum like Adam Lambert. He said he thought Piglet sounded like him, inspiring Niecy Nash to call it a “horrible guess.” Piglet turned out to be 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey.

10. Kelly Clarkson as Ringmaster

One of Jeong’s most questionable guesses came during this week’s show, when he suggested that Ringmaster might be The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson. The crowd made their disagreement clear. Jeong then said he was “tripling down” on the guess. “Kelly Clarkson, your boy’s got your back,” he told Ringmaster.

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