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Is Benicio Bryant A Boy Or A Girl? Who Cares?

Mriganka Chawla

Mriganka Chawla

Benicio Bryant AGTNBC

Do you know what pisses me off the most about people? Other than the fact that they exist.

They won’t stop talking about irrelevant stuff that has nothing to do with what the issue at hand is. Like how does it matter to you if Benicio Bryant is a boy or girl. Will you vote for him more or less because he is a boy?

Yes, he is a boy.

Benicio Bryant might be a shy 14-year-old but watch him kill it on AGT’s stage.

The amount of people who have addressed him as a girl is annoying. The amount of people that have searched about his gender and gender identity is disgusting. Why are we as a society obsessed with labeling people into cookie cutter boxes of blue and pink?


Reddit is obsessed with discussing Benicio Bryant’s identity and more than 5000 people have searched the same on Google.

People are defending him for being gender fluid, which in an ideal world is supportive and sweet but what if he is not? What if Benicio Bryant is not gender fluid and he see’s these well meaning comments and starts to question himself?

What if he is just a boy who hasn’t hit puberty yet? We bullied Justin Bieber for years calling him a girl because he was young and sweet and his body just hadn’t matured at that time. Is Benicio Bryant headed for the same dreaded future?

I am scared and concerned at people trying to define this young man, yes, a man because that is all he has asked us to call him now. Which is completely okay. You know why?

Because we will accept him as he is and, in the future, if and when, he wants to be addressed by some other pronoun or wants the world to look at him differently, we will do the same.

We will listen to him and call him what he wants us to call him because every human being in this world deserves that dignity.

And to all the people who are either confused about his gender identity or want to comment on his looks/dressing style/voice, STOP!

Take a pause and remind yourself that he is 14 years old. Growing up in the spotlight is hard enough. Competing in AGT is hard enough. He doesn’t need internet bullies deciding who or what he should be or not be.

Benicio Bryant’s sexuality and gender identity has people talking and they need to stop. His identity is not and should not be a topic of discussion.

Benicio Bryant’s Sexuality Is Not an Escape Room

People are assuming his sexuality. They are speculating that he’s gay. First of all, it doesn’t matter. That’s it. That’s my point.

He is a talented, sweet and gifted individual who deserves to be left alone. Talk about his song choice, his rhythm, his pitch—not about his sexual preference. HE IS 14 YEARS OLD.

It makes me sick to see the things people are searching for when they look him up and come on guys!


Get a life.

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Mriganka Chawla
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Jennifer Guatemalteco
Jennifer Guatemalteco
3 months ago

I think you’re right.

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