If It’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Why Can People Who Aren’t From America Audition?

Corey Cesare
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Have you ever wondered why there are so many acts on America’s Got Talent that aren’t from America? Not to mention that not one of the current judges was born in the United States. What are the rules, are you allowed to audition if you aren’t a U.S. citizen?

According to America’s Got Talent‘s eligibility requirements, all contestants need to be a United States Citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States. But, you can still audition if you’re not a United States Citizen. You just must possess a current employment authorization card (EAD card) or be in the United States legally at the time of your audition. There is no specification on how long you have to be living in the United States to be able to audition.

Basically, this means every contestant was born in America, works in America, or is a legal immigrant. From the wording on the website, it seems like they will not allow you to travel on a temporary visa to audition for the show. You must currently work in America if you are auditioning for the show. Although these contestants talk about where they’re originally from, they currently reside in the United States when we see them.

Why Audition for America’s Got Talent?

We’re sure it doesn’t surprise you that America’s Got Talent is the largest talent show out of all of its competitors. So, if you’re trying to go on a show for exposure, why not do it with the largest platform?

It’s no secret that Americans love their television, and the country leads the world in the music industry. So even if acts do not win, the chance to perform in front of this huge platform can still be life changing. Possibly bigger than they would have seen in their own country.

There are dozens of Got Talent shows across the globe, and acts frequently will audition for America’s Got Talent after appearing on the show of their home country. This, again, gives them a wider exposure and another chance at winning both the prize money and the reward.

Multiple acts this season have already appeared, and even won, other Got Talent seasons. There are currently no rules preventing acts to audition or compete on more than one show.

Essentially, America’s Got Talent, as the largest talent stage in the world, has become the stage of stages. It’s the place where people who have found fame elsewhere can come and try out their act on an even bigger platform. AGT provides those auditioning to truly prove that their talent is the best.

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