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Have ‘The Voice’ Ratings Dropped in Season 24? Does Blake Shelton’s Exit Play a Part?

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Now that The Voice Season 24 is in full swing, let’s look at how rating from the beginning of this season compare to those of last season. The battle for fall viewership among reality shows is fierce, and The Voice has consistently been a strong contender. Let’s see how well The Voice is really doing without Blake Shelton.

Season 23 Maintained Relatively Good Ratings Despite Blake Shelton’s Exit

The Voice Season 23 marked a significant milestone with Blake Shelton’s departure from the coaching panel. Shelton, a country music icon, had been a constant presence since the show’s inception, shaping the careers of numerous aspiring artists. His exit naturally raised questions about the show’s future and how it would impact its viewership.

Despite the nervousness surrounding Shelton’s absence, The Voice Season 23 managed to maintain a decent position in the ratings race. The show garnered an average of 5.4 million viewers throughout its run, solidifying its place as one of the most-watched reality shows on television.


One of the show’s undeniable strengths lies in its impeccable casting and production quality. The Voice has consistently managed to show exceptional talent across various genres and age groups. The carefully curated pool of contestants, coupled with the show’s commitment to improving their skills, has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity.

However, some critics have pointed out that the reliance on the “Blake Shelton Fond Farewell” tour might have overshadowed the primary stars of the show—the contestants themselves. While celebrity coaches bring their own unique charisma and fan following, it’s the contestants’ performances that lie at the heart of The Voice‘s appeal.

Have The Show’s Ratings Gone Down Without Shelton?

Now that Season 24 is officially in The Battle rounds, we can closely compare numbers between the two. Season 23’s viewership opened up on the premiere night with 6.436 million, while Season 24 opened up with 6.260 million. Although Season 23’s initial viewership was higher, it seems like Season 24’s is more consistent so far.

Season 23 began strong on Mondays, bringing in 6.436 million, then 6.990 million, 6.471 million, and 6.322 million, before it dropped. From thereon out the show’s viewership remained at an average of 5.4. Tuesday night viewership was much lower than Mondays on average. Tuesday’s opened up at 5.121 million, then went to 4.967 million, 5.267 million, and 5.212. The highest Tuesday night viewership was the finale, which brought in 6.214 million.

Season 24 began similarly on Mondays, bringing in 6.260 million, then 6.607 million, 6.391 million, and 6.613 million. Tuesdays remained equally as strong with a viewership of 6.541 million, 6.567 million, 5.982 million, and 5.911 million. Although there seems to be a slight, yet steady decrease on Tuesday nights, this could be due to Dancing With The Stars.


Will The Show Continue?

So, the question remains, is The Voice Season 24 suffering from the absence of Shelton’s coaching? Right now, the answer is no. Although Season 24 didn’t have as many viewers on its premiere night, viewership has seemed to remain constant. Shelton’s contributions to the series are invaluable, but it seems like the shows known track record of adapting to change and welcoming new talent that the audience is within its favor.

Even though the show has lost Shelton, it remains leaning into the coaches’ drama, instead of the contestants overall and fans are clearly loving it. It’s no secret that The Voice has been a hit for NBC since it’s introduction, and it seems like the show will remain as one in the coming seasons.

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3 days ago

Voice sucks this year. Boring.

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