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Global ‘Got Talent’ Judges We Would Love to See on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden on the Britain's Got Talent Auditions at London PalladiumPhoto by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

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When it comes to talent shows, America’s Got Talent has been a staple of entertainment for years. This show showcases a wide array of exceptional skills from across the nation. However, imagine a season where the judging panel comprises not only American celebrities, but also internationally renowned judges from various Got Talent franchises around the world. Here are ten global Got Talent judges we would love to see on AGT.

Got Talent Judges We’d Love to See on America’s Got Talent

10. David Foster

With his experience on Asia’s Got Talent, renowned music producer David Foster would provide a different angle on the AGT panel. His Grammy-winning expertise and ability to recognize exceptional musicality would elevate the show’s standards.

9. Risto Mejide

Hailing from Spain’s Got Talent, Risto Mejide’s no-holds-barred critique and unapologetic honesty would bring a unique flavor to the AGT judging panel. His background as a music producer, author, and media personality would provide a multifaceted perspective on the contestants’ performances.

8. Sharon Osbourne

Having previously served as a judge on the show from seasons two to seven, and both the UK and US versions of The X Factor, Sharon Osbourne’s experience and candid personality would make her a seamless addition to the AGT panel.

7. Louis Walsh

Another veteran judge from Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. Louis Walsh’s extensive knowledge of the music industry could offer valuable guidance to AGT contestants. His friendly demeanor and passion for nurturing aspiring artists would make him a beloved figure on the show.

6. Nicole Scherzinger

Hailing from Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger’s musical expertise, dynamic stage presence, and positive energy would be a perfect match for AGT. Her ability to uplift contestants while providing constructive criticism would foster a supportive environment.

5. Piers Morgan

Infamous for his brutally honest critiques on BGT, Piers Morgan’s straightforward approach could bring a fresh perspective to AGT. His background in journalism and his ability to speak his mind would make for engaging television.

4. Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden, also from BGT, is known for her glamorous style and candid opinions. Her emotional connection with performers, combined with her background in acting and singing, would add a layer of empathy and insight to the AGT panel.

3. David Walliams

Known for his witty humor and charming personality on BGT, David Walliams would be a fantastic addition to the AGT judging panel. His ability to connect with contestants and his sharp yet kind critique would provide a refreshing perspective on the American stage.

2. Trish Stratus

Bringing a unique blend of athleticism and entertainment experience from Canada’s Got Talent, Trish Stratus’ presence on the AGT panel would add a refreshing twist. As a former professional wrestler and fitness icon, her insights into physical performance, dedication, and showmanship would resonate with a diverse array of contestants.

1. Alesha Dixon

As another familiar face from BGT, Alesha Dixon’s experience as a singer, dancer, and judge would make her a valuable asset to AGT. Her constructive feedback and understanding of various performing arts would resonate well with the diverse range of contestants.

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