Fans Call Out ‘AGT’ For Madison Taylor Baez’s Golden Buzzer, Is it Fair?

Corey Cesare
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Madison Baez hugging her father after earning the Golden BuzzerPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent fans became enraged after they found out Madison Taylor Baez has an up and coming Hollywood career. Madison recently appeared as part of Netflix’s Selena: The Series as young Selena Quintanilla.

On Tuesday night, producers placed Madison in the audience to sing during a commercial break. Due to her impressive vocals, the celebrity judges asked her to come on stage and audition for the show. On the stage, she impressed the judges with her rendition of “Amazing Grace.” At the end of the audition, Mandel hits the Golden Buzzer for the 11 year old singer.

AGT Fans Debate Whether Madison is Too Big for The Show or Not

The Got Talent franchise has once again found itself entangled in fixing rumors due to Madison’s previous success singing the national anthem in sold out stadiums. Fans have taken a bit of a divided approach at this rumor this time around. While some think her talent is worthy of the Golden Buzzer, others find her Hollywood history unfair.

“I recognized her instantly from Netflix’s series about Selena. She played young Selena,” a fan commented on Reddit. “SET UP.”

In rebuttal, another fan responded (on a different thread) reminded others that stars/known acts aren’t exempt from appearing on the show. They explained that AGT is for heightening exposure and it will probably make Madison more popular regardless.

In the past few seasons, we’ve seen a few acts that have made us question the legitimacy of the AGT‘s audition process. These acts have included Brooke Simpson, Gina Brillon, Josh Blue, and way more. At the end of the day, fans aren’t upset because Madison got the Golden Buzzer, they’re upset because they’ve been lied to. Madison isn’t just an 11 year old girl that the producers found in the audience.

“I think the deception is the most upsetting part. If so many viewers/Reddit posters recognized her from Netflix then you know the judges did. Yet they acted like she came from nowhere. Not to mention the whole staged setup,” a fan wrote on Reddit.


Was Madison a Pre-Picked Golden Buzzer?

When situations like these occur, many believe that America’s Got Talent is staged. To save the show’s reputation, multiple audience members have taken to Reddit to share their personal experiences. Multiple audience members wrote each detail of the audition from their point of view. The most notable comment confirmed that Howie Mandel didn’t hit the Golden Buzzer due to Madison’s sob story.

“Gonna put this out there since I was there, the cameras they bring out for the golden buzzer was being set up during the second half of her song. Howie already signaled to the producers he was gonna hit before this interview,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

Even though Madison totally fits the Golden Buzzer recipient pattern, it seems like the Golden Buzzer was given to her purely based on her talent. Multiple audience members have also confirmed that the Golden Buzzer was set up once she got on stage.

As rumors continue to swirl, fans have expressed their appreciation for Drake Milligan on Tuesday night’s episode. Some even believe the country singer should have earned the Golden Buzzer over Madison. What many don’t realize is that Drake has appeared on a CMT as Elvis Presley and on American Idol in season 16.

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