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Fans Are Surprised At Olivia Rodrigo’s Impressive Singing of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’

Olivia Rodrigo and Jimmy Fallon on 'The Jimmy Fallon Show'Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC

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Olivia Rodrigo recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she participated in a singing whisper challenge with the host. Fans were pleasantly surprised at how well Rodrigo was able to lip sync and sing Miley Cyrus’s latest hit single “Flowers.”

Olivia Rodrigo Impressed While Singing “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

During the whisper challenge, participants have to guess the song based solely on watching the other person’s lips. Rodrigo started off the challenge by expertly mouthing the words to “Flowers,” leaving fans impressed at how she perfectly captured Cyrus’s cadence and style.

Despite the difficulty of having to guess based on lip reading alone, Fallon correctly named the song right away. Fans on social media reacted with awe at how Rodrigo not only knew all the lyrics, but also embodied Cyrus’s characteristic raspy vocals. Many commented that Rodrigo’s singing skills shine even when she has to stay silent.

Later in the show, Rodrigo also sang along to her own smash hit “Drivers License,” which Fallon also correctly guessed. The singer-songwriter showed versatility in capturing both her own vocal style as well as Cyrus’s distinct tone.

The viral clip of Rodrigo mouthing along to “Flowers” took fans by delightful surprise as she has not previously covered the song. Released in January 2023, “Flowers” has become one of the biggest hits of Cyrus’s career, garnering widespread critical acclaim.

Rodrigo’s music primarily covers soulful pop ballads like “Drivers License” rather than the rock and country influences found throughout Cyrus’s discography. However, the young musician proved her talent even shines through different genres with her Cyrus tribute.


Olivia Rodrigo Reveals Why She Doesn’t Follow Anyone on Instagram

During the same appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rodrigo elaborated on why she doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram. This revelation comes before Rodrigo shares an embarrassing social media incident with an ex-boyfriend.

Rodrigo told Fallon she purposely refrains from following other accounts on Instagram, despite having over 35 million of her own followers.

“I try to follow zero people because it helps me be off of my phone and, you know, off of social media,” she said.

However, the singer confessed she previously made an exception that backfired.

“I had this very embarrassing encounter once where I was stalking my ex, as one does. Sue me. Sorry,” Rodrigo said. “And I accidentally followed him ’cause I was stalking him.”

Making matters worse, Rodrigo was only tracking one account at the time, making it obvious she had purposely followed her ex. A friend alerted her to the blunder, but before Rodrigo could undo it, her phone died.

Rodrigo joked that she forced herself to singularly keep following her former flame for a period of time afterward. While the pop star did not disclose the ex’s identity, fans have speculated it was her High School Musical costar and rumored ex Joshua Bassett.

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