Fans Agree With Blake Shelton’s ‘The Voice’ Replacement Pick

Blake Shelton and John Legend on 'The Voice's Top 16Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Since Blake Shelton announced his upcoming exit from The Voice, fans have been wondering who will replace him as coach. Apparently, the country superstar himself could tell you who he believes is the best for the job.

Blake Shelton Thinks Neal McCoy Should Take His Place on The Voice

Amid intense preparations for The Voice Semi-finals, Blake Shelton took to twitter his sentiments about his nearing retirement. On December 3, the coach went candid on Twitter and mentioned country star Neal McCoy as the person he’s considering to fill his empty chair after season 23.

“Y’all know that next spring The Voice season 23 will be my last… So I’d like to throw Neal McCoy’s hat in the ring as my replacement! Can I get an amen?!!!!” he wrote.

Shortly after Shelton’s post, McCoy responded through a quote tweet. Evidently, the country singer was delighted to find out that the self-proclaimed king of The Voice has personally endorsed him.

“How Cool is This????!!!!!” McCoy wrote.

For those who may not know, Neal McCoy is a 64-year-old singer who has been pretty big in the country music arena. Through his years in the industry, McCoy released 15 studio albums and 34 singles to country radio. “No Doubt About It” and “Wink” are among his songs that broke records, peaking number one at music charts. McCoy’s seasoned gut and experience are probably few of the reasons why Shelton sees him fit as a The Voice coach.

Fans Agree on His Recommendation

After Shelton’s tweet, several fans have expressed their agreement with his suggestion. Some even shared their opinion about McCoy.

“For several years, I have served with Neal as a judge for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,” one person wrote. “He is kind, intelligent, and wildly entertaining. The audience for The Voice would adore him.”

While few of Shelton’s fans replied that The Voice is still better when he’s around, some of them seemed to have accepted his looming exit. Others are apparently looking forward to McCoy gracing the show in the coming seasons.

“I’ve been advocating for Neal McCoy to be your replacement on The Voice since I heard you were retiring. I’ve been a loyal Team Blake fan since the beginning. I would be equally loyal to Team Neal!” one user wrote.

McCoy is not the only artist that fans would love to take Shelton’s seat. Garth Brooks, Wynonna Judd, and Reba McEntire are among the country artists that they think will be a great addition to the show.

One fan also mentioned Tim McGraw and Faith who both have been an The Voice advisors back in season 11 of the series. If given the chance, they would follow the same path as newest coach Camila Cabello who assumed the role of an advisor first before becoming a coach.

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