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Evie Clair Brings Back Her Original Song ‘Love You One More Time’ After Seven Years

Evie Clair on 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhoto by Steve Granitz/WireImage

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Talented singer, songwriter, and pianist, Evie Clair, has rekindled the magic of her original song “Love You One More Time” after seven years. Her ability to touch hearts and convey emotions through her music remains as strong as ever, and her fans are undoubtedly thrilled to have this cherished song back.

Evie Clair Sings an Original Song Released Seven Years Ago

Clair first captured the hearts of audiences across the world during her appearance on the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent in 2017. Her soulful voice, emotional performances, and personal story resonated deeply with viewers, earning her a place in the finals of the competition.

“Love You One More Time” was originally introduced to the world in 2016. Its revival after seven years holds a special significance for both Clair and her dedicated fanbase. The song’s return offers an opportunity for listeners to reminisce about Clair’s musical journey and witness how her artistry has evolved over time.

Clair’s voice has matured, gaining even more depth and emotion, which adds a new layer of poignancy to “Love You One More Time.” The song itself showcases her songwriting skills and ability to create melodies that touch the heart.

As fans listen to “Love You One More Time” they see the talent that Clair into the spotlight and also the journey she has undertaken since then. The response from her fans has been overwhelming, with comments pouring in to express gratitude for the revival of this heartfelt song.


Evie Clair Recently Became a Mother

The former AGT finalist has embarked on a new life chapter as a mother. Clair, who touched hearts during her time on the show and beyond, recently shared the heartwarming news on Instagram that she and her husband, Clancy Thomas, welcomed their first child, a baby daughter named Billye Clair Thomas.

The series of photos she posted captured intimate moments of the newborn, radiating love and joy, as the couple begins this beautiful journey into parenthood. Clair’s story, marked by both her musical talent and personal resilience, has touched countless lives.

This new milestone, becoming a mother, adds another layer of depth to her journey and demonstrates the enduring power of her ability to inspire and connect through her music and life experiences. As fans and well-wishers celebrate this new chapter with Clair, they look forward to witnessing how her journey as a mother and artist continues to unfold in the most heartfelt and authentic ways.

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