Elderly Trio On ‘Arabs Got Talent’ Is Most Unexpected Surprise EVER! [VIDEO]


Sheyaab, a comedy troupe with a very unique act truly shocked everyone with their 2013 Arabs Got Talent audition. The trio who do their makeup to appear elderly had everyone laughing and the whole world falling in love with their talent. Check out their hilarious audition below.

‘Arabs Got Talent’ Act Sheyaab Surprised The Judges With Comedy

When Sheyaab hit the stage, they introduced themselves as their alter egos Romeo, Mirshiego and Alijandro. They hilariously pretended to take a selfie which made the judges laugh. One of the group members tried to get the crowd pumped by having them repeat after him. He yelled into the microphone and the audience yelled back.

The host backstage put on a fake mustache and looked like he fit right in with Sheyaab. One of them pulled out a saxophone and the other stood at a keyboard and began to play “California Gurls” by Katy Perry. They were swaying back and forth to the beat and it was full of energy. This was probably one of the most unexpected twists of all time on any talent show.


The saxophone player had a major solo moment and decided to go down and play right in front of the judge’s table. Then the music changed to “Gangnam Style” by Psy. Sheyaab spread out across the stage and led the audience in the iconic dance. One of them ran into the audience and then back onto the stage to finish the audition strong.

The audition video now has over 53 million views and is one of the most viral Arabs Got Talent auditions of all time. They were voted into the next round by the judges. In the Semi-Finals, Sheyaab performed another comedy routine combined with a dance number.

They were voted into the Finals where they once again had the audience laughing. Each week they were always one of the acts that stepped up their game. Syrian dance group Sima was declared the winners of this season of Arabs Got Talent.

Where Are They Now?

Seven years after their Arabs Got Talent journey came to an end, Sheyaab is still performing their comedy act. They frequently post videos on their YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok. The group has over 317,000 subscribers on YouTube and a plethora of positive comments on their videos.

The group has found new ways to add to their act and have amassed over 515,000 followers on Instagram. They gained such a huge following after appearing on Arabs Got Talent and have performed all over Asia including a 2014 performance in Dubai.


Sheyaab is definitely an act that will put a smile on your face just by watching their performance videos. It’s no wonder they became such a fan-favorite and launched their careers from a talent show. What did you think of Sheyaab’s hilarious performances on Arabs Got Talent?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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