FIRST LOOK: Early Standouts on Season 15 of ‘The Voice’

Kyle Montplaisir
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Season 15 of The Voice kicks off in less than three weeks! And while we’ve seen a few previews of the new season, most have focused on the judges. Now, the artists who auditioned have started posting tune-in announcements online. We’re going to take a sneak peek at some of these artists who are early standouts plus some familiar faces you might recognize from past seasons!

Mercedes Ferreira-Dias

You might remember Mercedes from her audition last season. She sang Adele’s “All I Ask” but failed to turn any chairs, though Kelly almost turned. With the right song choice, I could see her coming back and doing well on this season! And at the very least, I’m expecting a chair to turn this time around.

MaKenzie Thomas

MaKenzie also auditioned last season with Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.” I thought she had a great voice but the song choice was off. As the judges said at the end of her audition, “so close.” Adam and Alicia both seemed like they were about to turn! She definitely has great range and an interesting tone so fingers crossed her audition this season showcases that.

Dave Fenley

If you watch America’s Got Talent, there will definitely be a familiar face on The Voice this season! Dave Fenley was a semifinalist on AGT in 2013. He has a great style about him and a wonderful voice so I can see him making it far on The Voice as well. If you’ll remember, he even did a cover of “Say You’ll Be There” by The Spice Girls on AGT, complete with beat-boxing, in honor of judge Mel B.

Kimberli Joye

WOW! Kimberli has an amazing, dynamic energy that I anticipate will translate well to The Voice. She is a gospel singer who can nail runs and her range is insane. I anticipate we could see her going far and I image Jennifer and Kelly will both pull out all the stops to get her on their teams.

Patrique Fortson

I don’t even understand how he’s hitting these notes so effortlessly tbh. Patrique is a force to be reckoned with! His voice can do some crazy things and with the right coaching, I think he’ll be able to hone in his skills and make it far in the competition. Patrique without a doubt has what it takes!

Abby Cates

Abby is one of my personal favorites from the bunch. She has a smooth tone and an all-around dreamy voice. She also seems really versatile, which is perfect for The Voice. Abby already has a bit of a following too! All that mixed with the fact that she’s young is a recipe for success on the show.

Kennedy Holmes

Kennedy is 13 years old. 13! On a show that loves raising up young talent and mentioning how young they are every chance they get, this is looking good for Kennedy. She has a huge voice (especially for such a small girl) so the wow factor will be real. I am excited to hear her sing more contemporary songs, since most of what’s on the internet from her are show tunes.

Michael Lee

Every season has its fair share of country singers. Michael Lee is the standout from what I’ve seen so far. He’s got some bluesy vibes too and his twang is stellar. Plus his guitar playing skills put him on another level. He could be a strong contender on Team Blake or Team Kelly!

Sandy Redd

Sandy is a performer through and through! I think she’ll be one of the better and more seasoned artists this season. She knows how to command the stage and use her powerful vocals to her advantage. Sandy will definitely be one to watch…and a fun one to watch at that!

Colton Smith

I swear I’ve seen clips of this before on Twitter/Instagram but I can’t track them down now. Either way, Colton has an amazing voice! He’s got a little bit of Jordan Smith and Jeffrey Austin in him for sure. Colton is a powerhouse vocalist so I would be shocked if he didn’t make it far this season. Shawn Mendes and other similar artists are perfect for his voice too, so let’s hope for more of this!

Calista Quinn

No need to adjust your screen, that is American Idol‘s Mara Justine! She is a friend of Calista Quinn, who auditioned for The Voice this season. Calista already has somewhat of a following on YouTube with over 4,000 subscribers. Compared to the other artists on this season, that’s one of the highest! Calista is a “whole package” kind of singer, with a great voice and great energy. Hopefully she’ll get some tips from her friend Mara before Season 15 starts!

De’Andre Nico

Now, the fact that this is obviously an impromptu performance makes it even more impressive. De’Andre has PIPES! I love his soulful voice and can’t wait to see what he does on the show. There’s always room for singers this talented!

Season 15 of The Voice is shaping up to be a good one! And with Adam, Blake, Kelly, and JHud on the coaching panel, the talent will be at an all-time high. The new season starts on Monday, September 24th.

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