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Demi Lovato Wipes Instagram Photos, Prepares Fans For Genre Change

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Demi Lovato premiered a bold shaved head look for 2022. The singer completely wiped their Instagram and is preparing fans for a genre change. They even held a “funeral” for their pop music.

It’s no secret that Lovato loves to change up their hair style everyone once it a while. They’ve always been daring when it comes to style, so it didn’t surprise me that they began the new year with a shaved head. Instead, it was evident that something was totally on the horizon since they also wiped all of their photos off of Instagram. While some people often want a new start at the beginning of the year, I think Lovato is trying to tell us something.

On Jan 21, the singer shared a group photo featuring the singer’s manager Scooter Braun, members of their label: Island Records, and a few others. Everyone in the photo is wearing black head to toe and Lovato holds her middle fingers up to the camera. The caption of this post shares that the occasion was a funeral for the singers pop music.

Lovato has been a pop singer for a long time, but that’s not the music they began their career with. Their first album, Don’t Forget, was released under the rock genre with Disney’s record label, Hollywood Records. Historically, the network has pushed their singers to venture toward pop music, but it was mentioned in the singers first documentary, Simply Complicated, that Disney loved their rock vibe from day one.

Is Demi Lovato Transitioning to Metal Music?

Fans have speculated that Lovato will be returning to their rock sound with their recent announcements. I loved their rock music, but I have a feeling the singer is choosing to lean more toward the pop punk/metal side. In the past, the singer shared that one of their favorite events is Emo Nite. Emo Nite is where fans of pop punk/metal music join together to listen to some of their favorite hits. In Lovato’s documentaries they’ve talked about how important the night is to them.

They love this type of music so it doesn’t surprise me that they want to transition back to it. I don’t think Lovato will go full metal, but I do see them returning to a song format that always features their strong vocals with an accompanying guitar. Although this singer gave fans heartfelt tunes after living through their near-fatal overdose, I think all fans will accept another new sound out of them.

They’ve survived through the imaginable, so I’m all for them beginning to perform within the genre that’ll make them the most happy. Selfishly, I hope they do release an album with a vibe similar to Don’t Forget from 2008… I still jam to most of these songs today.

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1 year ago

Nita Strauss going to get the metal rolling for Demi Lovato.

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