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Darci Lynne Farmer Writes An Original Song About Relationships ‘Let’s Talk Relationships, Shall We?’

Darci Lynne Farmer on Red Carpet for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

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America’s Got Talent Season 12 winner Darci Lynne recently shared a video on Instagram, where she live wrote a new song. The new original song is about relationships and thinking of someone while listening to music.

Darci Lynne Sings An Original Song About Missing Someone While Listening to Music

In the short video, Farmer excitedly shared her thoughts about writing a song about someone she thinks of while a specific music is playing. Holding a guitar, she introduced her latest creation with a charming preamble.

“Let’s talk relationships, shall we?” Farmer said. “I know Y’all have that one person where if you hear any specific song or artist that y’all listen to together, throws you for a loop, brings you back. I think music sparks memory. So I wrote a song about it.”

She then launches into her lyrical new tune. The lyrics touch on how music can spark memories of lost relationships and past loves. Even at her young age, Farmer shows remarkable talent and maturity in writing a thoughtful song exploring the nostalgia and emotion that hearing meaningful songs can evoke.

While the puppets that put her on the map will always hold fond nostalgia, lately Farmer has shifted her focus exclusively on demonstrating her powerhouse vocals and songwriting. Performances with her puppets, Petunia or Oscar have grown more sparse in the recent years. This allows Farmer’s incredible talent of singing to rightfully take center stage rather than her ventriloquism skills

Fans Want Her to Officially Release This Song

This brand new instagram video quickly gained the love and attention of followers. They quickly fled to the comment section to share positive comments about the song. Most in this section are amazing with her skills and talent, while others are begging to hear the rest of the song.

“Yes, more please. Also, just for fun, do another video singing all of your songs using ventriloquism.” A fan suggested, referencing the talent Farmer first became famous for winning AGT.

“You have a wonderful voice, and more talented than any pop singer today. They all lip-sync, while you can sing without moving your lips.” Another fan commented.

Several fans noted how they admired Farmer’s venture into writing original songs. Still, others focused their praise directly on her stellar singing, with comments like “You have a lot of great voices! Your own is great too” and “What a nice Song! Please more of it.”

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