Comedian Jokes That Simon Cowell Has ‘No Friends’ During Hilarious ‘BGT’ Audition

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Robert White, a music teacher, pulled off one of the most hilarious comedy routines ‘BGT’ has ever seen during his season 12 audition. Robert was visibly nervous and spoke about how he has both Dyslexia and Aspergers Syndrome. But he unleashed the funniest roast ever on the ‘BGT’ judges that made it clear he was in it to win it.

Robert White Roasted Simon Cowell And The ‘BGT’ Judges

Robert started off with a hilarious banter as he stood by a keyboard. He explained that he taught himself how to play and told a few jokes before launching into a song. The song was about working in a computer shop and finding things on each of the judge’s computers. He joked that David Walliams brought in his computer which was full of contacts from Grindr. He made fun of Alesha Dixon’s photos and Amanda Holden’s style.

Everyone was waiting to see what Robert was going to say about Simon Cowell. Robert made a joke about Simon brought in his computer to have his Facebook fixed. “It wasn’t broken, he’s just got no friends” Robert sang about Simon’s Facebook account. But it made Simon laugh and there was no hard feelings. All of the judges gave Robert a standing ovation for his savage song.


“You’re very unique, you’re very quirky, you’re very naughty Robert which we like,” Simon said after the performance. The comedian was sent to the Semi-Finals where he once again roasted the ‘BGT’ judges. He sang about how Amanda is obsessed with “how to look young.” This time when it came to Simon he said that Simon loves listening to the “sound of his own voice.” He was voted into the Finals after making everyone laugh.

After another funny performance in the Finals where he joked that Simon is so old he is carbon dating, Robert was declared the runner up of the season.

If you loved seeing Simon get roasted on ‘BGT,’ check out the compilation below. It features 10 acts that totally humiliated Simon on ‘Got Talent’ shows.

Where Is Robert Now?

After appearing on ‘BGT,’ a documentary was made about Robert called The Autistic Comedian. The film follows Robert fresh off the success of ‘BGT’ and embarking on his first national tour.

He also posted a YouTube video of one of the songs he performed in the documentary called “Autism Song.”


Robert was featured in Attitude Magazine and spoke about how his career really took off. “This is both humbling and ridiculous because my mother jokingly asks me to sign her boob when I see her now. Who would have thought that I’d make parents cry, as an inspiration to their kids?” he said in the interview. “My voice is for anyone for whom fitting in may be a struggle because of autism or other invisible disabilities, or any other reason.


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