‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Brings The…Well…Talent On Another Great Night



Britain’s Got Talent came back on Saturday night with another fantastic show. I have to say that so far this season of BGT is shaping up to be one of the best. This episode, we saw dancers, singers, and acts that defy description…for good and bad.

Ellie and Jeki

Ellie and Jeki came all the way from South Korea to audition from Britain’s Got Talent. They danced to Singing in the Rain, Inspector Gadget, and Pretty Woman, which was just delightful. They got 4 yeses.

Noel James

Noel is one funny dude. He had thought that he would give up being a comedian if he did badly on BGT. Luckily, he did really well and got four yeses.

Audrey Leybourne

Audrey is 90-freakin-years old but she didn’t let that stop her. She sang I Want to Be Loved By You with Marilyn Monroe style. She got three yeses.

The D-Day Darlings

This female military choir marked the end of The Great War with a classic rendition of We’ll Meet Again. If they win they’ll get to perform for the Queen, which she’d really like. They got four yeses.

Andrew Lee

There are magicians and then there are magicians and Andrew Lee did not disappoint. Usually, when you see that a magician is going to do a card trick you tune out. But this one was something else. Just watch the video it’s hard to explain.

Aleksandar Mileusnic

A swing version of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army sound like it wouldn’t work…but it did. Oh so well for this young father. He got four yeses.

Brian Howe

This is why I love this show. The acts are so bizarre. Brian is a big, tough security guard but he sings Shirley Temple style songs in a high pitched voice. He, of course, did not make it through.

Malcolm Cuthbertson

If you are going to do flamenco dancing, first make sure you aren’t a middle-aged British guy. Second, you should bring some music. Nos all around.

Ben Pridmore

Look, it’s not that this dude doesn’t have an impressive memory. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. All I’m saying is that it’s not really an act for BGT. You know? He got 4 nos.

Ross McGrane

There is nothing more painful to watch than a comedian bombing on stage. And Ross BOMBED. I felt bad for him. Four nos.

Donchez Dacres

David hit his golden buzzer for this delightful singer that had everyone up on their feet. I hope he goes far in the competition because he’s great.

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