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Ariana Grande Blocks Blake Shelton Ahead of ‘The Voice’ Premiere


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Ariana Grande will soon be featured on The Voice and people can’t seem to get enough. While her fans are generating insane amounts of buzz, the contestants are just as excited to interact with the pop sensation. In fact, they have already been lining up for the opportunity to make it on Team Ariana.

Ariana Grande Versus Blake Shelton

“I’m trying to make use of my time with my contestants, and you know, keep my Blake blinders on, and keep my eyes on the prize,” Grande said.

The singer physically shielded her peripheral vision with her hand to block out Blake Shelton sitting beside her. Grande expressed that she is not sure of her strategy yet, but if one thing’s for certain is that she won’t be trusting Shelton.

However, the “Dangerous Woman” singer is making a very friendly approach to the panel. In the video, Shelton says he thought Grande would be a “diva” and require a grand entrance. She replied by saying that would be “too much” before participating in a discussion about attending one another’s concerts.

While friendly with one another off the panel, the energy between coaches is definitely competitive in nature. In a recent Instagram video, the seasoned coaches attempted to give Grande some “advice” before heading into season 21. Shelton blunty expressed that he could care less if she performed well on the show as it is his “job” to beat her. Clarkson also informed Grande to never trust Shelton even when he seems sweet.

The Newbie Faces Other Competition

While Shelton will most likely come as her biggest threat, Clarkson is also coming for the newbie.

“I think why play a game unless one is competitive,” Clarkson said.

Shelton was quick to pile on Clarkson’s strategies. Probably to take the heat off of himself.

“Kelly is rudely competitive even on her own show with guests,” he added in the interview.

Overall, Grande needs to watch her back upon entering this season. I have a feeling it will be more than just Shelton who will try to stop her from taking home the gold this year. But as we can already see, the desire to land on Team Ariana has been astronomical. In my prediction, I don’t believe she’ll have to fight very hard to assemble her dream team.

The Voice season 21 premieres Monday, September 20 on NBC.

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