‘America’s Got Talent’: Heidi Klum Chooses the Perfect Golden Buzzer Act

Jill O'Rourke
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On Tuesday night, America’s Got Talent Season 16 returned for another night of auditions. During the show, judge Heidi Klum finally hit her Golden Buzzer, and the act she chose was perfectly fitting.

The night also featured other incredible performances, including a group of weight lifters who did things we’ve never seen before, a young woman with a big voice who inexplicably failed to impress Howie Mandel, and a singer who touched the judges’ hearts.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Weight Lifters Are Incredible

The first act of the night set the bar high. The group of four men is called Positive Impact Movement. They met at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, and they said they want to inspire positivity. The members of the group have all broken bones at some point.

They showed off a weight lifting act like nothing we’ve ever seen on the show, standing on each other’s shoulders and throwing each other in the air. Host Terry Crews was blown away as he watched from backstage. The judges admitted that they were skeptical at first, but they ended up giving the guys a standing ovation.

The performance was already extraordinary, but it became emotional when one of the group members shared that he had his mother’s ashes with him on stage in a necklace. We can’t wait to see how these guys push the envelope in upcoming rounds.


Howie Mandel Says No to Amazing ‘Frozen’ Performer

During Tuesday’s show, the judges complained about Mandel’s Grinchy attitude toward many of the performers. The show even made his face green to play up his grumpiness. It seemed like maybe his heart grew three sizes when 20-year-old singer Tory Vagasy took the stage.

Vagasy performed “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2. Most of the judges agreed that she had a Broadway-quality voice, and voted to send her to the next round. At first, Mandel also seemed impressed. He even told Vagasy that she “checked every box.” However, he added that he’s not a fan of that type of song, and voted against her moving on.

His fellow judges were flabbergasted, and Simon Cowell declared that it was time to “stand up to the Howies of this world.” Thankfully, Vagasy only needed three votes to move on. We’ll see how Mandel reacts to her next performance.

Quick-Change Artist Gets Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer

Léa Kyle, a quick-change artist from France, delivered a unique audition during Tuesday night’s show. Before the performance, she said that she wanted to combine her love of fashion with her passion for performing, and it certainly paid off.

Kyle magically changed her outfits in seconds, right in front of the judges’ eyes. As Klum declared toward the end of the performance, “It’s magic!” She earned a standing ovation from all four judges, with Mandel saying he’s never seen a better quick-change artist on the show.

Klum, meanwhile, told Kyle that she should go straight to the live shows, hitting the Golden Buzzer for her. It was the perfect choice, since not only was Kyle an amazing performer, but Klum also loves fashion. Not to mention, it was refreshing to see the honor go to a non-singer.


Singer with a Tragic Story Wows the ‘AGT’ Judges

The final audition of the night came from Jayy, a singer whose parents were murdered in front of her in a grocery store robbery. She said she had to step up as a big sister to her siblings after their parents’ death. Jayy chose to honor them by singing “Lost Without You” by Freya Ridings.

Mandel told Jayy that he heard her parents through her voice, while Cowell called her an “incredible person” for being so strong during her performance. All four America’s Got Talent judges voted to send Jayy through to the next round.

Based on the preview for next week’s show, it looks like the episode will feature the show’s very first group Golden Buzzer, as all the judges hit it at once. We can’t wait to find out which act will earn this history-making honor.

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