‘America’s Got Talent’ Dancer Quin (Age 71) Had Freak Accident Right Before Her Golden Buzzer Act


Age ain’t nothin but a number, and ballroom dancer Quin Bommelje (age 71) is ‘dancing’ proof! Not even a freak accident could halt this dancing duo… The show must go on!

America’s Got Talent judges were nearly brought to tears with Quin Bommelje and partner Misha Vlasov’s breathtaking ballroom number, resulting in a surprise hit (by fans) of that golden buzzer.

In a pre-taped interview we learned that Quin grew up in a small Thai village as the daughter of a rice farmer, and never imagined that her passion for dance would bring her to the big stage. Clearly, this dancing queen’s upbringing rooted in hard work allowed her to bring her dreams to fruition.

However, there were some who were not convinced that the two deserved the golden buzzer from guest judge Martina McBride. What audiences were unaware of, was that just four days prior to this groundbreaking performance Quin suffered an injury…hindering her ability to rehearse.

During rehearsal, Misha took a misstep which resulted in a serious foot injury that landed Quin in the ER for nearly four hours.  The damage consisted of her toenail becoming completely detached which resulted in a substantial amount of blood loss.

Nevertheless, quitting was not an option for Quin, and she championed through her dance number with a tightly wrapped toe. “I told myself, ‘This is an opportunity that only comes once.’ So I pulled myself together and told myself not to think about it,” Quin told Goodhousekeeping.com. “I went for it, and I danced, and let me tell you, God is on my side. But after I was done, there was blood all over.”

After hearing all the deets we definitely think Quin and Misha were deserving of this win. Hoping Quin has a speedy recovery so she can get back out there and dance her heart out! Fans, do you have a change of heart?

America’s Got Talent judge cuts continues next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.


Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

Lauren Ashley Beck is a writer and host for Talent Recap. Our resident “Survivor,” Lauren landed in LA by way of Michigan. She is a communications graduate with a passion for storytelling, hosting, and people. When she’s not working, you can catch Lauren watching true crime shows and eating an entire bag of hot Cheetos.

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