Talentino’s Diary: Entry 7 – I Want To Marry Meghan Trainor

talentino's diary


Mel and I were cleaning up after a shoot the other day when we discovered Talentino’s diary. Luckily, he was out on a coffee run so we were quickly able to get a copy of some pages. Some might say that this is an invasion of privacy…those people need to calm down. He’s a puppet. We will regularly be posting excerpts from his diary on the site.

Dear Diary,

I was so ready to watch the finale of The Four last night. I curled up on the couch with some DJ Khaled brand throwing popcorn and settled in for a night of singing. We all know by now that James Graham won, which I’m fine with. That is not the problem. He’s really talented. My problem is Meghan Trainor’s reaction to James. She’s like totally in love with him or something. Her eyes get all sparkly when she sees him sing. The problem is…well, dear diary…I’m in love with Meghan Trainor. I’ve been trying to hide it for years. Ever since I saw her singing All About That Base. That song is about being proud of your body and, you know, booty.

But when I see her fangirl over James it drives me into a fit of jealousy. I want to punch the wall but then my arm rods pop out. I know Meghan doesn’t know me and all but still. You might be wondering, dear diary, about my feelings for Petunia, Darci Lynne’s puppet from AGT. Well, Darci’s father won’t let her date and I want companionship.


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Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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