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‘American Idol’ Star Jax Releases Heartwarming Song as Tribute to Her Parents


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Former American Idol contestant Jax has released a heartwarming original song inspired by her parents’ love story. The track, titled “Like My Father,” has an accompanying music video featuring her mom and dad.

Jax, who came in third place on Idol Season 14, has a following of 4.5 million people on TikTok, where she recently posted a video of herself singing the song to her parents.


‘American Idol’s Jax Releases Song About Her Parents

“I guess I learned it from my parents / That true love starts with friendship,” Jax sings in her new song. In the chorus, she describes her ideal man as “patient and kind,” adding that she wants to “grow old with someone who makes me feel young.”

She then sings, “I need a man who loves mе like / My father loves my mom.”

In the song’s music video, Jax plays piano outside. Her performance is intercut with home videos of her parents on their wedding day and during vacation, as well as when Jax was a baby. The video also features modern shots of her parents dancing together at night.

Since the song was released last week, it has racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube. Over the weekend, Jax tweeted that the song had made it to No. 28 on the iTunes Pop chart.


Jax Sings to Her Parents on TikTok

Jax also recently posted a TikTok video in which she sings “Like My Father” to her parents. Her mom and dad smile as she performs the sweet lyrics. The clip has received over 3 million likes on the platform.

The singer signed a record deal with Atlantic Records earlier this year, after spending the pandemic posting parody songs on TikTok. She even caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who gifted her with equipment to record her videos.

Jax doesn’t just release songs for her parents. Earlier this year, she put out a song called “Ring Pop,” inspired by her relationship with her boyfriend. She said she wrote it when “money was tight.” As she sings in the song, “Don’t need no diamonds, you’re my rock / And I’m okay with a Ring Pop.”

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