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‘American Idol’ Alum Jax Opens Up About Issues With ‘Cinderella Snapped’ Music Video

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TikTok sensation Jax, recently revealed that she ran into some “problems,” with her upcoming “Cinderella Snapped” music video. The singer revealed that she had issues avoiding any copyright issues that could arise from the use of Disney Princess names. Throughout the issues, Jax remained optimistic that her creative team could find a solution.

Jax Ran Into Problems With Upcoming Single

Jax recently appeared on Audacy Check In with Julia to talk about her upcoming single “Cinderella Snapped.” During the interview, the singer revealed that she had issues while shooting the song’s music video.

On Audacy Check In, Jax explained that her upcoming song, “Cinderella Snapped” was inspired by her “unhinged” nana who had edited the Cinderella book when Jax was upset about not having the prince at a dance in school. Her grandmother renamed the book “Cindependent Woman” for Jax. Although the singer wanted to tell the story, her biggest issue writing this track was avoiding copyright.

Jax also revealed that she had reached out to several women who embodied the concept of the song and had invited them to sing it on TikTok. When she contacted these women, she admitted being a “total fan-girl,” but felt thrilled when some of them agreed to take part in the project.

Jax Opened Up About Her Lyrics Being “Too Cheesy”

The singer explained more about her songwriting process, saying that she’ had always’s always been a fan of cheesy lyrics. However, industry insiders discouraged her from using them in the past, citing that they were too cheesy.

“All of these industry folks always told me, ‘This is way too cheesy. We can’t say this in a song.'” Jax said. “Once TikTok happened, I realized that there were actually people out there that wanted to hear the cheesy lyrics and liked puns the way I do. And it gave me this whole boost of confidence that I can actually write the way I want to write.”

Jax revealed that this song is heavily inspired by her pop-punk roots. She cited “Funhouse,” by P!nk and “NO,” by Meghan Trainor as similar to her next track. She stated that she included a “trigger moment” in the song, where she sings about someone telling her that she’s “too emotional.”

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