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‘American Idol’ Alum, Drag Queen Adore Delano Reunites With Her Kindergarten Teacher

Adore Delano at RuPaul's Los Angeles DragConPhoto by Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

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Adore Delano, the singer and drag queen who competed on American Idol and RuPaul’s Drag Race got the surprise of her life during a backstage meet and greet. Delano, whose real name is Daniel Noriega, recently reunited with her kindergarten teacher. You don’t want to miss this wholesome video.

Adore Delano Reunites With Her Kindergarten Teacher

Reuniting with a teacher, especially one from kindergarten is a rare chance for anyone. During a wholesome moment seen backstage at one of the meet and greets, Delano shared a moment with her kindergarten teacher Ms. Perez.

Ms. Perez paid a surprise visit to one of the stops on the United States leg of her Party Your World tour. A TikTok video shows the encounter where Delano briefly interacted with her former teacher.

The teacher came up to Delano holding a sign that read “I was your kindergarten teacher.” Delano took a couple of seconds to compose herself but instantly recognized her teacher and asked “Ms. Perez?” Delano gave Ms. Perez a hug and told her that “You were so important in my early childhood.”

Fans of Delano loved the interaction the two had right and they went to the comments to show their support. Any educated individual could definitely sympathize with Delano and the heartwarming moment she had with her former teacher.

@obsessedintl Well what a moment. @itsadoredelano had their kindergarten teacher come and surprise her at the VIP meet and greet! #ObsessedPresents ♬ original sound – Obsessed

American Idol Didn’t Let Adore Delano Come Out

During Delano’s guest appearance on the YouTube talk show, Sissy That Talk Show with host Joseph Shepherd, Delano made a surprising revelation. The host asked Delano a question if she had already come out as homosexual while competing on American Idol.

“I came out when I was 12, the creators told me not to come out, like a lot,” Delano said. “They wouldn’t let me sing Joan Jett songs because they said I couldn’t sing any more girl songs.”

Another American Idol alum, Adam Lambert also experienced problems that he had after kissing a man at the 2009 American Music Awards. Lambert was banned from the NBC network as a result, and was even threatened with a lawsuit for his actions.

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