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Amanda Holden Hits the ‘BGT’ Golden Buzzer For ‘The Greatest Showman’s Loren Allred

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Britain’s Got Talent returned to iTV with a familiar voice on Saturday night. Loren Allred, the original singer of the song “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman, took the BGT stage. This Greatest Showman vocalist left the stage with the greatest honor of all, the Golden Buzzer.

The Greatest Showman “Never Enough” Vocalist Earns BGT Golden Buzzer

On Saturday night, Britain’s Got Talent returned to iTV with the first Golden Buzzer of the season. On the episode, the 32 year old took the stage, explaining that a lot of people have heard her voice, but never seen her face. She shared that her voice is heard on The Greatest Showman soundtrack, but at the time she wasn’t ready to be the face of the song.

She sang “Never Enough” on the stage and quickly gained the love of the audience. Loren’s vocals immediately drew viewers in, she’s the type of singer that demands your attention. Before any judges were able to give her notes, Amanda Holden stood up and hit her Golden Buzzer. After the celebration, Holden met Loren on stage, saying that the performance was unbelievable.

“We were just in the palm of your hand from the first note. I can’t think there’s been many experience on the show where we’ve ever had that feeling,” David Walliams said.

Following the premiere of the series, fans continue to wonder how fair the competition truly is. While some people believe that Loren is getting the recognition she deserves, others are saying it’s totally unfair to lesser known performers.

Is Loren’s BGT Golden Buzzer Fair?

Although it may seem like Loren is a giant name coming to the stage, it’s key to remember that she doesn’t get recognized as the “Never Enough” singer. Many people, including The Greatest Showman loving Simon Cowell, had no idea who Loren was when she took the stage. Ahead of BGT the singer stated that she is an independent artist.

While I think her inclusion on the series is fair considering her lack of fame, I think the song choice was not. No matter how she performed this song it was going to be good because she’s the original vocalist. We’ve seen dozens of contestants come to stage singing “Never Enough” and there’s a common theme between all of them. The vocally demanding song is extremely tough to perform, especially with nerves. I think it would’ve been fair game for this contestant if she sang any other song.

In this instance, it cannot be argued that this singer was performing an original in the competition, since she isn’t credited for writing it. “Never Enough” was written by the songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul specifically for The Greatest Showman. Following the BGT premiere, Loren acknowledged that she plans to perform original music for the rest of the competition.

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