‘AGT’ Season 13 Contestant Hans Shares His Top Audition Tips

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America’s Got Talent may be off the air right now (though we won’t have to wait too much longer for AGT: The Champions to start) but production of the show is in full swing pretty much year-round, with initial auditions starting up in cities across the country.

One person who has some words of wisdom for aspiring contestants is Season 13’s own Hans. Known for his wild and entertaining drag act – which he has performed around the world – he shared his top AGT audition tips with Knoxville News this week. Check out the fun video below!

Most of his advice was basically the usual “be prepared” and “be yourself” type of thing we hear from most AGT alumni (not that it isn’t good advice to follow!) but there’s something about being told to “stand out from the crowd” that feels genuine and sincere here; we all know Hans wasn’t afraid to go all-out and say what was on his mind throughout the season, and while it may have made him a polarizing figure with viewers, it did manage to get him all the way to the live shows.

For more information on AGT Season 14 auditions, check out the official website.


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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