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‘AGT’ Finals: Vote Here For The WINNER Of Season 15

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke


Tuesday night marked the AGT finals for Season 15. This was the last chance for the finalists to perform for America’s vote. Six of the Top 10 acts are singers, so there’s some tough competition this year.


Read on to see the evening’s amazing performances. Voting is open until Wednesday morning at 7 am ET. We’ll find out who won the million-dollar prize during tomorrow night’s results show.

Watch The ‘AGT’ Finals Performances

Roberta Battaglia

Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer act is only 11 years old, with a voice beyond her years. Tonight, Roberta performed “Scars to You Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. Sofia told her that she keeps surprising her every time she sings. Heidi Klum said she was “born to sing,” adding this is “only the beginning” for her. Howie Mandel called her “the one to beat.”

Bad Salsa

This dancing duo has been performing from India for the live shows, but this week they finally got to perform on the AGT stage. Their finals performance featured flips and spins, and ended with a shower of streamers. Heidi said what they do is “new,” adding that she’d fly to Las Vegas to see them. Sofia said they’re one of her favorite acts ever.

Kenadi Dodds

For the AGT finals, this 15-year-old country singer performed “Love Wins” by Carrie Underwood. Sofia said she loved seeing her back to singing with her guitar on stage. Heidi said she foresees a “bright future” for her, comparing her to Taylor Swift. Howie admitted that he’s questioned her choices before, but he loved tonight’s performance.

Brandon Leake

This spoken-word poet earned the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel. Tonight, he spoke emotionally about his daughter, saying he wants to change her life for the better. Howie said Brandon leaves him “speechless.” Sofia said it was a “hopeful” performance. Heidi thanked him for being on the show.

Broken Roots

For the AGT finals, this musical duo performed a country cover of “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins on an outdoor stage. Sofia said she likes them more every time she sees them. Howie said it was his favorite song they’ve sung during the entire competition. He added that he’s happy he doesn’t have to vote, because everyone’s so good.

Bello Sisters

These sisters returned with another balance routine from Germany, ending the performance with a dangerous crossbow stunt. Howie said it was their “slowest” performance, and called it “shaky.” However, Sofia called it “perfection,” and said she hopes people vote for them.

Archie Williams

This singer who was wrongly incarcerated for 36 years returned with a performance of “Blackbird” by the Beatles. Howie said Archie is already a winner, adding that he brings new meaning to the songs he sings. Sofia said it was his best performance. Heidi said he’s “soaring.”


Daneliya Tuleshova

This 14-year-old singer from Kazakhstan returned to perform “Alive” by Sia for the AGT finals. Heidi called her a “class act,” saying she “hit every note.” Howie said she’s the “most seasoned” of all the singers, saying that category of performers has the toughest competition tonight.

Alan Silva

This aerialist performed with water raining down around him for the finals. Heidi said she hopes the people who underestimated him are watching the show now. Sofia said he “gets better and better.” Howie said it looked more dangerous than ever, and he upped his game.

Cristina Rae

This singer earned Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer during the auditions. For the AGT finals, she performed “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. Heidi told her they saved the best for last, and Sofia called it “perfection.” Howie called her “the queen,” adding that she’s “the one to beat.”

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